Shopex recommended Chinese name virtual host

Chinese name with my company ( the depth of cooperation for 1 years, has become the fastest growing shopex authorized service provider, to provide high-quality Linux platform shopex virtual host for more than 4000 online stores, but also for the thousands of shopex card shop to provide genuine authority, has become one of the largest shopex strategic cooperation host.

Chinese name for many years working on the Linux platform PHP virtual host development and promotion, Linux platform of PHP virtual host is recognized as the Chinese name is compatible with the best platform for shopex. Chinese name, virtual host stable quality and excellent performance to win the majority of the user’s identity, to establish a good brand image.

According to our

shopex program, Chinese name of Linux kernel; Web server kernel; php/mysql version, do the optimization, and the development of a shopex installation in the advanced function of shopex in function, a set of pseudo static etc..

The hardware and software optimization of

based on Web service, Chinese name shopex virtual host not only 10 times faster than the common server, and fully operational isolation between users and more security and stability.


and Tencent caifutong cooperation, at the same time to increase the promotion of our excellent software shopex, Chinese name shopex authorized host has the following discount for the recent purchase of

1. on some of the models of the host gave genuine shopex software, donated 200 yuan worth of shopex green card and dozens of sets of business templates.

2. buy shopex hosting site mirror server, so Netcom and telecom users visit the site is very fast.

3. free of charge for the site to provide record service.

4. free to join ShopEx network alliance.

5. free to join Shopex forum technical support area.

6. buy money through online payment package service 20 percent off, and the opportunity to receive a Tencent QQ.


Chinese Name:

Chinese name is recognized by the Ministry of the first batch of ISP service provider, founded in 2002, has 7 years of service experience, is the industry before the ten strong senior enterprise IDC. Shanghai Telecom, Guangdong Telecom, Sichuan Telecom, Sichuan Netcom, Henan double line, Hongkong, the United States and other thirteen high-quality computer room resources. To meet the needs of the shop for the national customers, but also fully qualified for the needs of regional shops, is the first choice of the host shop.

Chinese name has been focusing on product quality and technical innovation, network engineer has experienced more than Linux kernel C language development, the UNIX forum moderator, national certification. High speed web server engine Chinese name improved beyond P >

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