Gaopeng CEO lin ning will open up the commodity supply chain and Groupon


Gao Peng CEO lin ning (Tencent technology plan)


technology news (Lei Jianping) November 13th news, F group and Gaopeng has completed the merger in July of this year, the new Gaopeng obtained from Tencent and Groupon nearly $40 million financing. Gaopeng CEO lin ning recently disclosed the new company’s future strategy, called Gaopeng will open up global commodity supply chain and Groupon each company, will push the "global mission" concept.

is a composed of three different cultures, and other characteristics of new Gaopeng has not the same group purchase website. Lin ning said, F group is the grass root culture, both are high handsome rich, Tencent is the elite culture. Since the F group and the international network, and included in the QQ group purchase, Gaopeng basic one quarter are doing the integration work team.

current F group, Gao Peng, QQ buy has been opened at the operational level, the future will open up the entire system background, the formation of a unified background, and service system. In addition, the new friends are combing the future brand strategy in the brand strategy, the next quarter will increase brand carding and early delivery, advertising investment amount is ten million level.

at present, in the new company Groupon occupy less than 20% of the equity share, Tencent shares accounted for more than 30% of the remaining shares of the original F group and all the investors. This also means that the role of Groupon is more strategic investors. However, this does not mean that Groupon wants to give up the Chinese market, on the contrary is more complete to the local team operations.

lin ning said, Groupon into China is very cautious, given the failure of multinational companies operating in China in the Internet, so it started looking for a familiar with the local Internet company operations. Because of the problems at Gaopeng ownership structure, in the discourse has led to disputes, business operations difficult, and serious losses. New friends does not have this problem, the Groupon and the Tencent to invest $40 million, is for the group purchase business prospects.

previously, lin ning has revealed that Gaopeng Groupon to get new technology and products, will be launched many mobile client. How to seize the user information resources is high research and development priorities, such as how to WeChat in the group purchase mode based on Tencent plus advertising model precise matching. The global group concept is also a new attempt based on Groupon. According to the idea of new friends, the future can get involved in the online travel business, such as Singapore Malaysia and Thailand Hotel Tourism, and also provide a lot of special goods in high, these in other places do not buy China.

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CEO lin ning Gaopeng record:

Technology: F and Tencent Gaopeng groups combined for a long time, what role Groupon plays in the new company


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