Ali PO scale record underwriting firm to make the right to over allotment

Beijing time on September 22nd morning news, according to the United States, "the Wall Street journal" reported that sources, Alibaba group IPO (IPO) the underwriters have exercised the over allotment option, the official in the amount of $25 billion financing scale has become the most large IPO.

these bankers exercised the option option (green shoe), which means that they buy more shares from the Alibaba to make up for their shares sold in order to meet the strong demand of investors. If the Alibaba shares fell below the IPO price, bankers may not buy more shares from the company.

but demand was strong last Friday, allowing the bankers to raise the funds raised by shareholders of the Alibaba and the shares sold from $21 billion 800 million to $25 billion. (Li Lin)

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