Coffee wing Yin Feng Fairy sister growth

Yin Feng special love Chen EC advertisement "in a sentence:" you smell my perfume, but didn’t see my sweat."

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as usual, Yin Feng in Beijing Shimao department store in the wing of the coffee for dinner, then a waiter told her: "Ms Yin, a guest wants your signature, seems to be a college student." Yin Feng went out to see the next half of college students, want to ask Yin Feng to sign a name on his graduation certificate.

"this is how the line? How can the diploma certificate so serious sign my name!" however, Yin Feng and he took a photo.

for a clerk here, this is already a commonplace thing. Their boss is not just an entrepreneur, but a star. Since the Tianjin satellite TV "you" popular programs since Yin Feng became the spokesman of the wing of the coffee, her head even louder than her company. "There was a father and daughter in Xinjiang, spent more than a year, with a variety of fashion magazine pages, assembled into one and I am as tall as colorful send to the company, the bottle of words I love fairy sister wing cafe." Yin Feng was moved to say.

beautiful, temperament and visibility, still has more than 20 stores, 50 stores chain catering entrepreneurs in the new media era, which itself can be combined into a tipping point spread. Fans were called "fairy sister" Yin Feng, one sentence I love most is in the famous Chen Ou advertising in the confession: "you smell my perfume, but didn’t see my sweat…… On the road without question and ridicule, but, so what? "

"on the surface, I am a white Formica, Guangcaizhaoren, but first of all I’m a entrepreneur, dry is the most down to earth’s service industry." Yin Feng said, "the wings of coffee come today, because I and the team fought to uphold and pay."

Three people close to

: rich handsome, nouveau riche, grass root

"you" since joining BOSS group, Yin peak each month have 6 days to record programs, from 9 in the morning to start at midnight, every book two, it has been more than 500. In order to male boss based BOSS group, Yin Feng to the audience the impression is "rational and restrained" love: standing in the applicant’s position on the issue, not so overbearing.

Yin Feng in 2010 to join the program group at the beginning of the wings of coffee in Changsha, there are only 14 stores, has not yet gone out of the camp in the true sense of Hunan. But with "you" hot, more and more people know the wing of the coffee, this is a strange paradox: reputation, but customers can not find the store.

"especially in Beijing and Tianjin, the former capital of the company, most of the bosses in Beijing, so the influence of large, while Tianjin is" you "program >

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