Qingdao Shanghai dragon on common website optimization effect analysis

station network

every day to several web station add collection chain increases. "Operation collection is also very useful, such as music, love Shanghai collections such as the weight of very high, there is a"

Shanghai dragon knows, website optimization soft every day, the basic methods of every day in sharing. Soft, blog, quiz, fanchon, Links are the grassroots webmaster will be used. Grassroots Adsense is not easy, in addition to the station every day to update, update in so many blogs, scratching head to write some soft Wen submitting and posting, to love Shanghai know, the question and answer a few questions, so much of a web station submitted URL, a stall to do down the already busy enough. But how about the final results, Qingdao Shanghai dragon with their previous experience for example, every program like visiting the forum, in order to increase the chain of multiple posts, blogs, B2C site registration, but the effect how, also don’t know, in fact, Shanghai dragon the most important thing is not what to do, but know what to do. Who is the most effective method, the strategy is the most important. This can have a focus for future work will not be like the old cattle every day, tired to death, but the effect is minimal. Here is Qingdao Shanghai dragon first from the analysis of the basic methods of optimization of the effect is not good, please.

collected some high weight access to a large amount of stationmaster forum or industry forum. Then there is time to go to send back a little post, post. Every time to find a forum, according to the time sequence valve post sorting, then next to the open reply, because the new post may not begin to be included, a web site in the signature, so this is a collection of increased chain.

(1): high weight forum

(2): build blog

is the method of a lot of people are mentioned, so Qingdao Shanghai dragon also built a lot of station blog, love Shanghai Sina NetEase Sohu Tianya blog bus completely captured. Every quantitative update some articles, leaving the way of Web site information. This job is boring and exhausting. At the same time, Qingdao Shanghai dragon a fast method to increase the weights of the blog, that is the love in Shanghai Search Ranking found on the topic, and then publish the corresponding articles in the blog, because love is love of spiders in Shanghai entertainment news very much, so this will not only increase the net station of the weight, but also a part of traffic is shoot two hawks with one arrow. But through several tests, with the anchor text chain high weight blog’s article is not included, then made a statistics, reflect a Sohu, gold online, blog, Zhongguancun online, basically included. Sina to add link to the article included soon, but will not receive love, Shanghai space is not included, so for some things, Shanghai dragon not others, to do their own tried to know what is useful and what is useless, or can only be made useless.

(3): update the blog the same monotonous is the extension of

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