Xiao Han inside the KMT government optimization Ultimate Edition

old saying said well: KMT government. These words are often the same. Website optimization is no exception, the station of Shanghai dragon as the vanguard of the station outside the station of mutual cooperation will have a very good effect. Shanghai dragon is the site itself, inner cultivation is the key, I also referred to the Shanghai dragon repair skills. In fact, we sometimes wonder why a station not what the chain was ranked in the first, what, this is not surprising, the keyword is very cold, or he station of Shanghai Longfeng do very well, make the list will also go up station Shanghai Longfeng, affect the ranking is not a factor, but by the a comprehensive effect. However, more than a few stations Shanghai Longfeng factors outside the station. That is to say the premise of every webmaster in the external optimization must do well in the station of Shanghai Longfeng optimization, do internal optimization to do external optimization as the effect is very good. So today is to talk about how to do some optimization methods in Shanghai dragon.

page structure, the column of the latest articles, recommended articles, hot module (promotion industry specific keywords, related articles, websites) random articles (let the spider always get new content), or reading these people read, if possible, increase the browsing times, this is small update for the organization and planning industry hot topics, keywords. Put these keywords in the content page in hot plate.

1, users in the search results page for a web site click rate.

station of the Shanghai Dragon

search engine is the most love is the content of high quality original content. High quality content can better meet the needs of users, to bring a better experience for the user access. Users love the content, often also search engine love, after all the final purpose of the search engine is in the service of users. Let the customer to find the content they need.

content page with long tail keywords connection anchor text set. It is very important for the industry. Otherwise, the consequences will be grievous!

search engine is how to determine the content of a web site quality

assisted navigation is very important (breadcrumb navigation, navigation)

second, content is king is the key to the

The structure of

good site structure, can greatly increase the number of pages included.

The number of The

original content for the weights of the website promotion is very good. I think there is a point we must understand that the search engine came to a web site, first look at the quality of website content, website content is the second will see.

2, users come to the site visit, visit the page and jump out rate.


flat is still a rational choice.

3, website contents are reproduced and shared.

: first, the station optimization planning site architecture

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