How to avoid the risk of the search engine spiders on the station

flash if used well, can indeed enhance the site’s personal image, but also in the search engine also does not occur when the flash is basically a lot of people worship idols, but now the search engine of flash are very disgusted, the key is no way to put the flash into the algorithm, so do flash website basically can not get good rankings, even included are very difficult! So we in the construction site should take into account the use range of flash, the most is a decorative role in construction site, and not capable of carrying the content on the website

now many webmaster understand more static pages, the spider is more love Shanghai love, so many of the original dynamic pages with the function greatly shrink, this is in order to improve the optimization of search engine URL! So natural to use static, if it can not solve the problem of the website function, that is to use the pseudo static


two: to establish a

is now about Shanghai Dragon technology is also very popular, many webmaster in the operation of the website will refer to love Shanghai optimization guide, but some people are not well understand the love Shanghai optimization guide spirit, and go to the opposite in the optimization to make their sites, this is because we want to be lazy in time optimize, want to improve the efficiency, if poker-faced provided to our plan to do so in accordance with the love Shanghai, then a website from construction to profit may take a long time, so many people appeared a lot of Shanghai Dragon Phoenix optimization cheats, these cheats are often playing the edge ball, a step careful fell into the sea in the trap, so we in the construction site must know how to avoid these risks

Although In fact,

now has a customer tracking function of some pop enterprise website, the original intention is good, is able to track the customer clicks, which know the needs of customers, and then will be able to carry out targeted marketing, but this is not conducive to the love of Shanghai spider crawling, because a page you will often have two URL address, this let the spider will think not very understanding, which will affect the collection to the page! And many customers are not love website has such function, it will also enhance the bounce rate

this is a lot of forum in order to attract others to register often use the means, but to do so would often make love spiders in Shanghai can not find your website, which has lost interest on your web site, slowly is not willing to come to your site to grab the page, have a very good idea in the spider here. Don’t go, so you’d better give up, especially for the new site is even more so, if some of the old station, but also has good included, so in some page >

four: many sites require users to log in to see the contents of the

: use flash website

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tracking window website!

three: the use of dynamic url

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