n 2014 thought Optimization three important factors in the page


five. Font color: General sites we will set up a black, not get riotous with colour.

everyone can see that each one is clearly separated, each small headings are in bold; we need to do is watch these details. Wei Wei often said "detail decides success or failure" if we are going to pay attention to the details, so the site can reduce the problem.


2. edition

3. path

needs to give a comfortable feeling to the user, after finished reading the article don’t need to go back home, but you can browse on the right to see if their needs.

. Content typesetting: can carry website quality, also can make the user feel beautiful.

when the user clicks into the content of the page, a search engine that will have access to the audience’s page; thus more rapid indexing of the "path"

we usually encounter some section display irregular, so as to judge the search engine website is one of the factors leading to the lower right; we need to adjust the site section placement problem, the section we need to put together, those sections without the need to place; for example in section: we are placed in the middle of the left. Put some related content recommendation, or some of the activities are as follows

two. Bold headings: when we make the article also need some small title to describe some of these titles can be bold; make users more convenient to read, but also conducive to the search engine on the content quality score.



four. Font size: if reading words will affect the user set the font is too small, the font is too large will increase the page loading speed, we set up the font is about five.


Give us

on some website layout; many website content is typesetting neat, is out of order. May lead to a decrease of user reading greatly, will also affect the search engine spiders crawl on the page; because the content of the website layout can see how high quality content, Wei Wei often said a site requires some basic equal to obtain ranking. Then in terms of content you get the number of points; if the content appears out of order, will greatly affect the search engine to give our score. We need to be careful in these details aspects:

Wei Wei can read this article to meet the above requirements


three. The paragraph is clear: you can put the contents of each section are clear, will not let users look closely.

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