A new station to quickly build Shanghai ranked first to share the experience of love

love love Shanghai, Shanghai encyclopedia, know love Shanghai Post Bar

this one is a new success in building Shanghai, noble love baby ranked first, before I write an article "how I use the week website ranking will be to love Shanghai first" have some common methods about keyword optimization, of course, it is an old station, have a certain weight stable, today I will share with you a new www.52dushuhu贵族宝贝 keyword: I love Dushu Lake, how to make love Shanghai, nobility baby ranked first fast in a short period of time, the old rules or above:

!In this paper, starting from



is the author of several new sites in the above optimization are summarized, in fact that several methods, as long as the one of the several methods to achieve the ultimate, and to draw new experience, I think it is a very successful business, inadequacies also please the webmaster friends advice, also welcomed the webmaster friends with Shanghai dragon combat the 132353025 group communication to communicate


soft Wen promotion

for a new station, we need to fill a lot of content, at the beginning we can copy some other resources, wait for content rich, to create high quality articles, attract spider crawling, for users active new sites, each published article essence of love Shanghai is almost seconds.

website title written, the main keyword appears in the title to recommend Title inside the key words don’t stack too much, if there is no title plus the main keywords, then in the description of which should be added, then the correlation domain and website keywords and more importantly, the user can easily be remember. The third is love Shanghai space in the title main keywords appear, so the clever use of space to support your love Shanghai site is also a skill.

, a site adhere to update

A5: I love Dushuhu www.52dushuhu贵族宝贝 wing SEM team members focus on the original! Welcome to reprint, please specify the address !

like A5 and Chinaz and some webmaster website weight is relatively high, because the soft contribute to success, not only can get some reproduced, but also let other owners aware of your website, so rely on soft Wen promotion can be achieved good results.

two, to create a high quality stable chain

the phrase "soldiers in essence, and is not much, the author thinks that the chain will have to do outside the chain of high quality, such as Wikipedia, know love Shanghai love Shanghai love Shanghai, Post Bar etc. these places like Shanghai spider crawling more active, high weight forum post, and the individuality signature main keywords add anchor text links.

From the above we can see the

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