4 months to share the experience of the web site optimization

railway station basically not what weight, love Shanghai included speed is very slow, if only by some outside the chain to support the entire facade, the site’s ranking is not so good. Of course, unless your website with thousands or even tens of thousands of the chain, even the very same ranking is also good garbage. However, we are still small, cannot do without the station optimization, and high quality articles and not just to you collected a false original can search engine, it is also a sharp pair of eyes, which can distinguish the article is original, the original is false. As a new frontier, we still recommend honestly to write about, the search engine will naturally included your article, at the same time, also want to pay attention to the user experience. Only high quality articles and high quality of the chain, the weight of the website may account for only a very good location.

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, secondly, to the rational distribution of Guan Jian website, the website can’t intentionally stack, such as Guan Jian word "my money online" density is small; at the same time, the article between do the chain, make your site into the nets, it is best able to search engine spiders around to go around, the more it himself cannot do without your site, then your site’s weight has also been improved.

we cannot persevere!Original, the pioneer

Shanghai Longfeng knows the importance of the chain, as the saying goes: content is king, the chain for the king, visible, the construction of the chain how important for the website ranking weight. However, personally think that the construction of the chain need to pay attention to quality, especially for the new owners, the best choice for some relatively high weight of the chain forum. For example, the weight of A5 behind, some government websites are relatively high, if your soft Wen is well written, but the second Oh! Of course, your soft needs related to your website, for example you do is higher website, so soft, can write the best way to make money online or experience can be


webmaster 贵族宝贝91zhuanmoney, please keep the place for


chain is the king of the truth

(original article) contact Shanghai dragon has been almost 4 months, beginning to learn to learn a little bit confused and disoriented, according to the forum every day, because I put money online training team forum is not so, there are many articles inserted within the chain, so it is very difficult to learn. Okay, stick to it, and through the efforts of the operation, from or to a web site for good rankings, today, pioneer to share with you about my learning experience at Shanghai dragon.

2 original emperor for truth

finally, or the old word — heart must go to insist, will succeed! In fact, it is not difficult to make Shanghai the dragon, the difficulty in the


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