Shanghai Longfeng gray industry exclusive secret of optimization ranking



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(click on the brush on the fast Ranking Ranking) in the Lu Songsong blog has detailed the related submission >

in the Shanghai dragon optimization, mode of operation are black and white, no matter what kind of way cannot do without the final result, also is the home page, in general, in the grey overall industry in the country, can be divided into several types, basically different types of optimization techniques and models are not the same. As shown below:

program is to obtain some parasites by high weight (focusing on domain name age long site) webshell to install the program, and by means of operation of the batch type page generation in the station group template, but in today’s Shanghai Longfeng gray industry. Most of the time is parasite batch generated by uploading Trojan files, rather than separate stations.

maybe to do white hat friends, about spiders pool understanding and not deeply understand too much. Simple to understand whether you are doing a lot of the chain or continue to update the content of the site, are in fact frequently grab spider guide. The spider is through a pool built by a large number of virtual links external program guide spider. Especially some pages (including deep within the directory page just sent out) it is difficult to grab a spider spider, can make the page pool role within a short time cycle through the spider to grab a large number of pages included to accelerate and establish index, finally quickly improve the page weight and ranking.

many people think black hat is not a stable ranking way, but most often the optimization personnel will not leave the real black hat in white hat in grafting. But the real grafting do very well when the ranking will be very stable, even to you simple than imagined the Shanghai dragon. To everybody below one by one secret of each industry in different ways and technology Shanghai dragon. Of course, in order to avoid sensitive words, I will put the industry with the first letter of alphabet instead of abbreviations. In order to understand the whole gray industry of Shanghai Longfeng mode of operation, we must first understand the various techniques of white hat, black hat of the Shanghai dragon in the industry. Only familiar with a variety of skills can really go deep into the industry, ranking the phenomenon otherwise you can see a limited outlook or log in, use Adsense tools to stare at the so-called collection of original articles and see the industry ranked Shanghai dragon.


in the current market environment, Shanghai dragon optimization, whether black or white, nothing really can play a decisive role in Shanghai dragon is a combination of the following seven types of body.

, a spider pool

in order to avoid the sensitive words, I specifically do the picture display, in 1, 2, 3 can be expressed as the competition degree and the difficulty of optimization, 1 represents the maximum, minimum 3.

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