The rapid increase in the website keywords ranking two keyword optimization

Hello, I’m Muzi into the boat. I share with you about the "rapid increase of Web site keywords ranking: a selection of key words" some experience, get some comments from everyone, then put this topic unfinished write down. As we all know, in order to improve the site keywords ranking, keyword selecting natural keyword optimization is crucial, but more is the core of our work, from one day to two days, but the optimization we need long time persistence and the methods of strategy use, good method can help us save a lot of time in the optimization and energy on the way, the correct way of thinking so that we can avoid detours, we make reasonable strategy optimization more overall consideration website, seize the key breakthrough in core optimization. According to my experience, to talk about how we adopted the keyword optimization to rapidly improve the site keywords ranking.

anchor text is more emphasis on the user experience, a lot of people who are doing the most basic method of anchor text, that is to be the anchor keywords link on OK, >

The diversity of

anchor text I believe we still do not understand, here is only a URL multiple anchor text, or an anchor text, multiple URLs, such cross do, let the anchor text richer. For example, we want to optimize the keyword is the word "integration ceiling", it can do the anchor of the word with my web site, can also use the column page keywords can also do this, the website home page URL link to other keywords, such as "integration ceiling nets". The anchor text is inside and outside the station sub station links, many owners have ignored the anchor text outside the station, this is a manifestation of a blunder, two anchor text should do two have to do.

For the

A, anchor textThe diversity of

keyword, I have such an idea, keyword classification optimization, before I introduced to the keywords is divided into many kinds, each keyword optimization method should be taken are different, such as keyword Best with much to do the anchor text, with the long tail keywords content do the best helper keywords can create a brand, which has been mentioned in the preceding article, but no details, detailed introduce here.

of a website is we need to focus on the optimization of keywords, a small site usually has 3-5 main keywords, the keywords 3-5, whether it is in the station, or in the station, we have to make good use of the anchor text links to optimization, the anchor text is fast tool to enhance the web site keywords ranking the. How to use the anchor text to optimize keywords? This problem I believe that many owners did not understand, even some webmaster haven’t learned to use the anchor text to the website main keywords to do optimization, even if it is never mind, here we explain in detail how to operate:

1, the main keywords with the anchor text to do

B, anchor text user experience


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