Love Shanghai rectification will lead to major reform of search results

The second stage: The third stage:

fourth stage: this stage should be the last adjustment, on the K website for error recovery, of course, can not miss a fish escaped through the Seine, estimated time to the end of July.

is in front of a big move to hack, of course cut are some of the more serious website, are not K are not happy too early, you can see your website snapshot now, if the website snapshot is not normal if I find your website more or less will be punished, as for the reason, I that quality should appear on the site or the content. The site itself is the original content, but reprint, copy the contents of many, this should be the main factors. As for the way to deal with, I think we should strengthen the construction of the original, high quality content and the chain is the same as before, remember that the diversity of the chain. This time I think it will end in July 20th.

first stage: the small range of testing, in order to reduce your weight, reduce included mission. About the time from June 1st to June 22nd.


love Shanghai through the rectification, the network may be more harmonious, spam will decrease significantly, the search results will be more humane, recently in the forum to see a lot of love called Shanghai, say what love Shanghai cannot do without roots, imagine, even if love Shanghai really cannot do without the grassroots, but Shanghai will love cannot do without a garbage, useless information when grassroots webmaster? Let me is a grassroots, in this big overhaul, my station is also more or less by some influence, but I absolutely love to support Shanghai to do so.

recently we have been concerned about the love of Shanghai K station events over a period of time, the 6.22 began to love Shanghai carried out the punishment on the part of the garbage site, back then I thought love is Shanghai database error, until 6.28, when Shanghai love big action, that this is not wrong to me really consciousness. They began to clean up the garbage site, it can be said to be a major reform of search engines.

should be from June 28th to June 30th, the two day will be completely waste site lost out from the database.

finally call the webmaster friends, let us work together to maintain the network environment, let us work together to build a green space forms, for us, but also for our future generations. This article by the www.cnmox贵族宝贝 station ", please indicate the source, thank you

started collecting is characteristics of the K website at that time, according to the information provided by the forum users with their own actual situation in several K sites were analyzed. The result is the love of Shanghai is really a play, and still love big action, Shanghai will let us these Adsense always remember that day 6.28. According to the current development trend of events, I think, love Shanghai should be divided into 4 stages to complete this action.

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