The enterprise website keyword mining techniques and precautions

is now the author mainly engaged in some enterprise website optimization services, so the enterprise website optimization keywords specified mining also have some of their own experiences. Cooks find some information, and then summarize what they believe should pay attention to the skills and the matters needing attention, hope these content to some help to the novice from Shanghai dragon.

enterprise website keyword optimization, mining part is mainly with the combination of keywords, the most typical is mainly composed by the product / service / service / + regional price simple words. Such as Hefei Shanghai, Hefei dragon website optimization, Hefei moving company, Hefei Shanghai dragon training and so on, choose this kind of word can use some Adsense tools to dig, because our choice of words, it is best to meet their own at the same time, and competitiveness is very big, so dig up the word optimization will be relatively easy to many.

key lexical category:

keyword is generally based on long tail keywords, is mainly used in some of the more colloquial words or statements, to put forward a problem, as search keywords. This method is mainly used for training such as hospitals, such as mining industry keywords, such as Hefei, a plastic surgery hospital of Hefei where home Shanghai dragon training institutions (class / school), Hefei several famous scenic spots and so on these words, these words are usually through some related words are combined, because the the uncertainty of search, so if you do this kind of words, usually choose a lot of semantic or language.

the author write this website of the mining and attention, mainly to the following 6 simple class to illustrate, write well, a lot of understanding

Key products: !

lexical categoryThis



Keywords Key words:

brand key lexical category:

keywords basically can be determined directly down, mainly is the name, some of the company’s brand name, abbreviation, commonly known as English, and referred to as exclusive patent name etc.. For example, the media technology media company Moumou Moumou etc.. Note that this kind of word title position can best back a little, because this kind of proprietary is not synonymous with what needs to be done to optimize the work, and we know that there are more attention to the general level of title to the State Key words relative to other positions that will be higher, so if you want to join the pronoun in the title inside, please pay attention to the details of the position.

mainly refers to the number of products / services, referred to as the specific name, commonly known as etc.. For example, Hefei, Shanghai dragon flowers express Hefei website optimization, Hefei network promotion and so on vocabulary, can be directly to production or service name, can also be according to their specific needs to combine some key words and so on, the latter for the service industry more.

This kind of

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