For the questions how to solve the problem of website snapshot snapshot lag problem

For many reasons the

1. site stability: one is to ensure the stability of the website open website display properly, on the other hand is open faster, it requires a good server. Many domestic private servers while cheap quality is not guaranteed, it is recommended that you choose the best regular webmaster server agents, and to conduct a trial before buying on the server, but also how the server agents understand online word-of-mouth, let a judge has more weight. The stability of the site is related to DNS, DNS is the DNS server, DNS will also affect the site open speed. At present, there are three domain name suppliers, its DNS stability is slightly different, this inconvenience to say, you can find the DNS network according to the quality, if the snapshot has been a problem and can not find other reasons, try this way.

website snapshot is a manifestation of the weights of the website, when the site snapshot update, the search engine on your website enough trust, help to improve the website weight, when the snapshot stop or delay, it will reduce the confidence of the search engine, make the site right down, so more and more owners began to pay attention to website snapshot. So why not update site snapshot or lag? In this case how to restore the site snapshot? Don’t worry, let me see Chinese cosmetics investment site for your doubts long.

snapshot lag is found, then the next step is an antidote against the disease, we China cosmetics investment network (贵族宝贝 has appeared several snapshot lag problems, after years of toil in the following few experiences, for you reference.

Open the

snapshot not update, such as website content update or update slow, repetitive content too much, the frequent replacement of Web site keywords, website structure changes, the website often not open, too little chain or chain, the surge in the number of black links and so on, these will affect the website snapshot, that is the website the weight is too low or the search engine on your website is not trust. You can control what is not your website is similar to the case so that led to the snapshot lag.

2. web content to ensure the quality, and timing quantitative update: "the new owners must read: how to improve the new love Shanghai" included in this article I have mentioned the timing quantitative update the original article can improve the love of Shanghai included, with the same reason, the search engine more love of high quality original articles, novel and unique the website is more favored by a search engine. If the site does not update the long-term or occasional updates, spiders will become lazy, if the update time and quantity, and ensure quality, will greatly improve the search engine trust in the site, the spider will also be based on your updates to grab regularly, so that we can guarantee the snapshot update. Someone may say this will waste a lot of time in the original article, this idea is wrong, the content of the website quality is Shanghai dragon "

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