Google hummingbird intelligent semantic analysis brings subversion

as the hummingbird in the end is what stuff, now from the Lou song song learned form it is similar to the love of Shanghai Box Computing. Well, there are Zac God saying: "this is a ranking algorithm, more intelligent hummingbird is able to search for the understanding of the meaning behind the words.

The traditional Examples of

to celebrate his fifteen birthday, secretly launched a hummingbird algorithm. The official description seems to have two impressive point: "subversion", "90% queries".

hummingbird algorithm can in a more humane way to interact with the user, and provide a more direct answer. This improved algorithm is necessary, because with the growing popularity of Internet search, many users will search in the search box enter the full question. The algorithm can aid more complex search requests to better understand the text of the concept, rather than the text itself, but also to establish links between the various concepts.


algorithm, I believe we have seen the official explanation:


search ranking algorithm by word matching, such as "iPhone 5S" and "buy", find the page in the page contains these words. Hummingbirds can better understand the practical significance behind the query, such as understanding your home location (such as you use the noble baby like a map service, or just search, with noble noble baby baby is also know your position), such as understanding the "place" is more of a store (if the search is "near what delicious local dishes here", "place" refers to the restaurant, for example) to understand the iPhone 5S is a specific electrical equipment.

take a look at an example for Zac:

end to pull my view:

The As for the

understand the working principle of the search engine knows that search engine crawl -> -> index; ranking three strides. In the ranking stage, search engines will search for a word or sentence to word processing, index database according to split end words (inverted index) to find the corresponding page, then according to the number of wandering between bovine A and bovine C algorithm, the search results will appear in front of the users.

to tell you the truth, always feel that is too official, scratching itches me.

intelligent semantic analysis, thanks to Google’s own products (map), user search habits (before Google in search results have shown), revealed the integration of social media data (I guess), and the great subject of Statistics (not by guessing some).

algorithm can have a hummingbird subvert this word, it is because it is not only simple for users to search word or sentence split, but will understand that the real user search intention analysis semantic intelligence to the index library recall the results you want.

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