The inner chain unreasonable level station update station promotion almost no good

I love such a word, if you do one thing very tired, it is certainly a problem method. Use this sentence a website I did recently, is really true. Because the chain level this website is not reasonable, has brought trouble to the near disaster behind the promotion work. A link structure view Shanghai dragon er who are familiar with is, the inside pages must be from home 3-4 clicks within. The reason lies in the external links determines the search engine crawling depth to a great extent, generally the weights of the website, search engine crawling 3 to 4 link layer.

cup is the chain of the site and included obviously inconsistent. Website update slowly. In order to stimulate the snapshot update, ensure the station regularly updated at the same time every day, I try to do the chain. However, the result is very bad. When I copy the URL into the love inside the Shanghai search, often see the helpless.


Tencent this article. Four levels. Tencent movie channel PR is 7. If you reach PR7 or PR8, from page six or seven clicks can be included. Optimization of visible Tencent is not a vegetarian. In the website, I PR0 from home, go to see an article that need to click four or five times. So a no weight site, search engines will climb so deep? So the site included the cup is a must. So I back to update the article, insist on the chain extension, nor even less effect.

"content is king, the chain for emperor", this is the essence of Shanghai great dragon. I have never questioned this sentence, there is No. After a period of practice, I also appreciate the Shanghai dragon adhere to the difficult and important. Once wrote an article out, says one Shanghai dragon ER are the spirit of SB, is to insist, insist, still adhere to TMD. I don’t have those who master the letter Court strolling carefree and content, I’m just a struggling rookie, in this share some of their own experience in the process of Shanghai dragon, to share with you.

page collection is the foundation of the rankings, can not enter the index database is not ranked. In addition, the number of external links and that affect the total number of pages quality can drive included for a domain name is essential. Without a strong chain. It is generally believed that the external link factors accounted for 60% to 70% Shanghai Longfeng proportion, far more than the importance of internal site optimization. My hand on the corporate website, although the website PR is 0. The station chain really many. Love Shanghai 10 thousand and 6 backlinks, YAHOO also has more than 700 chain. Many of the chain is obtained through A5.chinaz submission, the quality is good.

this scene to see more, naturally also see some problems. Through the comparison of the Tencent following an article link. It can find my site within the chain problem.


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