The correct understanding of search engine ranking method (brain hole articles)

4. ranking factors influence

we need to understand "what is the search engine"

After the

3. user experience


(Search Engine) refers to the use of certain strategies and specific computer programs from the Internet to collect information in the information organization and processing and retrieval services for users, the user information retrieval system is presented to the user related. A technology with a mission, the search engine is mainly to solve the effective screening of users in the face of massive data problems. In other words in the search engine is to provide an effective screening of intelligent data service for users.

is our starting point but it is clear how to implement the idea of it, since it is the first selection of data, we need to find a large amount of data, and then to classify the data. So a search engine is the data acquisition function. The Internet is a "network woven together by a factor of N". Each point will have a fixed and independent address, search engine is simulated by a crawler track point to another point that a regular walk around, and then according to certain rules, the collected data is stored to the hard disk.

?The search engine

search engine can heat the heat according to the lexicon rules, the majority of the primary concepts provide prompt service to users. The user in the process of using search engines in use will produce some habits, the search engine will be extracted and stored this habit (CACHE) data, through data analysis, which derived a more precise and more humanized prompt service.



search engine has been in existence for more than 10 years, brings convenience to people at the same time, its running track (natural ranking) also contains enormous business opportunities and opportunities. Over the years we have been trying to figure out and track its trajectory, "exploration technology" learn to sum up certainly become an indispensable spirit. The correct understanding of the search engine of the birth of mission better, correction of the webmaster for search engine optimization (Shanghai dragon) perspective.


search engine needs to be split after the keywords in a large amount of data, data from the collected data, find the keywords and user input to the high frequency, large flow, low rate of jump out of the page and some other factors related to the page in the page content, to play in the form of search results ranking (PPC).

data, how search engines from the data to the selected users want to see in the data? User input keywords, the search engine needs to be split according to the user’s keywords, according to the system according to the users often search keywords to establish heat thesaurus, through collecting and searching effective long-term, search engines can be summarized keywords heat size.

1. data acquisition

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