How to make your website popular search engine

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search engine algorithm, to the webmaster, cry up wine and sell vinegar but also the scenery day has gone for ever. When users search for iPhone 4S mobile phone content, a theme is only related to search engine optimization website is not ranked, theme of the site must be clear.

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website content completely by webmaster control, so the website can use the correlation of cheating means to fake. For example, in the discussion of key words being embedded with search engine optimization unrelated Shanghai Longfeng optimization article, and put these keywords as anchor text, link in the station outside the station and. But this method to create content by search engine is difficult to escape the fate of punishment.


website relevance, authoritative and practical complement each other, the lack of.


suggested that when the website theme, we must avoid the black hat optimization method. Remember today if you fool the search engine, the future search engine will fool you.

if the search engine to a passenger, so every site is a scenic spot in the eyes of the passengers. How to attract the search engine of the passer-by on their web sites away? I think the need to start from the site’s relevance, authoritative and practical. As long as these three elements to build a good web site, your site can become an independent landscape, let love Shanghai, Google, soso and Youdao search engines such as. The following were about web site relevance, authoritative and practical.

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website usability is a website for the survival and development of the foundation, no practical website, is no longer necessary. When users by keyword into your web site, if the site is not practical, not worth a hair, so the garbage all over, netizens will bounce rate is surprisingly high. Because the ultimate goal of the search engine is to improve the quality of the search, the most valuable content available to search users. Through the analysis of search engine website bounce rate can judge the practicability of the website. Because there is no practical website keywords ranking will lose if things go on like this. Instead of high practicability website, even if the row in the second page keywords, search the Internet to stay a long time (Time Visited) and web access (Page Viewed), a high return rate, so the utility of keywords and a certain weight site, in 24 hours can be ranked in the top three. This remarkable practical important website.

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is an authoritative website or web page, to the chain weight high support. The more the chain of high quality, the weight will increase websites or web pages. In addition to the chain of high quality, high weight, age, length of the domain name website contact, the privacy policy statement will affect the authority of the site of large and small.

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