Decrypt the millions of traffic cattle station link strategy with love Shanghai outside the chain of


(link source distribution figure two: millions of traffic the station)

1, a variety of sourcesA


Shanghai dragon industry myth has always been come forth in large numbers, especially in recent years a large number of traffic overflowing cattle stations continue to challenge our common sense, these cattle station is how to rely on Shanghai dragon in just a few years or even a few months will flow to millions and millions of Shanghai Dragon Phoenix? Nothing more than links and content, have has many Daniel made incisive analysis from the contents before, but limited to link link query tool YAHOO has closed and the other Chinese link query tool is just query page, Bing data completely suck – for the cattle station external link analysis few people involved, but the love of Shanghai opened in November 22nd the whole network links Webmaster Tools query, using this tool, the author analyzed several recent high-profile cattle station, slightly from here with Share

movie website, registered only 3 years, two million flow, hereinafter referred to as the movie station in Shanghai love Webmaster Platform query link after the export function to download to a local, after sorting excel generated pie chart (Figure 1), we can clearly see the station, even the most number of links from the the proportion accounted for no more than 20% links, the link number distribution is very uniform.


Figure three: a 100 thousand

and K was unfortunately peer website (Figure 2), the number of links before three sources accounted for more than 60% of the number of all links, the source of the link is highly concentrated, is likely to be considered in the manipulation of link love Shanghai. Therefore, webmaster in the link, must make their links to the source scattered, single source link for the link ratio should not exceed 20%

Outside the chain of tools Connect the

(link number is k movie website.

love Shanghai Webmaster Platform can also query links page, many of my friends all love all point to the home page at link time, this behavior is also dangerous, in Figure 7 the website is the case, K in 822 was restored recently, but the flow has been cleared. While the 2 level million cattle station, they are linked pages are uniformly distributed in the channel to >

A comparison of

(link source distribution map: two million traffic movie station)


figure two is another cattle station, his flow less, only one million, but the station in August 11 station, only spent 1 years on the day into 800 thousand IP, hereinafter referred to as the station of his links to the source graph display is more obvious. The first source links accounted for only 10%.

2, distributed link entrance

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