24 hours of home, white hat techniques decryption quick exhaust essence

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brush out rate is fast row way, what is the bounce rate? The bounce rate refers to the only visited the entrance page (such as homepage) percentage visits and leave the total traffic generated. And out of the lower rate, indicating that the site is more outstanding. But there are some websites, the bounce rate can reach more than 90%, this is what causes? "Too slow, too, page advertising harassment can not find effective information, information, information is too old to adverse……

a search like this, your website, your brand related search? Now many sites only to "flow of words", but ignore the construction of brand word, the user does not know what is the name of your site, how to generate the search? The end result is that when the user "when the search system download, click more on the website, so that these sites are becoming more and more outstanding, but strange: why my site was ranked? But this is self inflicted

three: jump out rate of


24 hours can go home, is a liar? No, rankings become simple? No, more complicated! So why can 24 hours about keyword ranking to love Shanghai home, even the first? This is the so-called "fast scheduling technology" is search engine itself is very disgusting cheating.

I am here today to promote fast row? Not, because of the use of illegal manipulation of the rankings, the risk of K is also accompanied by. This is the website of 99% key Shanghai Longfeng steadfastly resist the temptation, otherwise we are to do fast scheduling, it is more easy? But why fast row rankings can

is a cross screen click on the brush fast row, it can be said to be an extension of the relevant search ", there will be no correlation between things, simulation users, create a strong atmosphere of search. So under normal circumstances, how to do search this? As I often write some share, so the result:

: IP

such as the local type of website, brush fast row are also "regional" type of IP to brush, such as Shanghai after all users, not to search the Tianjin recruitment network, or cheating is too obvious. But if a local type of website, some local multi aggregation types of users, click continue? Reasonable way, you can also trigger the search engine plus conditions.

< > ?In fact it is more ! ?

two: search

to simulate the normal users, high-frequency clicks on a series of websites, so as to achieve the ranking way! This article, we take a look at a fast row nature, these secrets correctly play with white hat techniques to optimize Shanghai dragon! You will it clever will these forces out of

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