SkyDrive has shut down the cloud storage market, but half of the fire, half of the flame was a mise


‘s time in college was boring. I didn’t do any job in the class or even in the school. I thought there were more good things I needed to do. The beginning of this term, it is at the beginning of March, I accidentally learned from the Internet in the guest, boring mentality, but also by those online heroes, I decided to do a guest, but no network knowledge base for a man, especially to know only typing chat of the movie indeed, this is not a small challenge, slowly to today, I still think, do a webmaster is bitter, a lot of work to be repeated to do, because now busy finishing my guest site, even the most favorite CF rarely play, even not interested play the next… I’m going to talk about my miserable Tao


, of course, for many users, this is not the first time before switching to cloud storage service, then, transfer 115 SkyDrive, Tencent cloud stations are closed, personal cloud storage only half of the top ten: sh419 cloud, cloud plate 360, Tianyi cloud cloud, Tencent etc..

, on the other hand, because of higher operating costs. Personal cloud storage is shutting down the free service pattern, but the cloud storage itself needs huge bandwidth and storage resources, especially bandwidth resource is very expensive, coupled with the increasing cost of the audit, the cost pressure is more and more cloud storage service providers. In revenue, take a free model, relying on members, advertising and other profits and make ends meet, can not continue to become the inevitable outcome.

however, since there is no way to find business models and solve content monitoring problems, so many personal cloud storage is forced to exit.

in this statement, I specialized in mechanical design and manufacture, as a grassroots webmaster, I feel very ashamed.

slowly, the site basically set up, and Taobao’s app also took me a long time stupid, very painful ah. I want to wait for the income of Bai, others to buy things on my website, I wait you earn commissions, don’t laugh, I really is the idea, reap the!!! After about a week, I began to see your mom account, as can be imagined, God the horse also have… I wonder that, why? Well, I’ll check on sh419, Taobao how to do a guest, the final result is the discovery of the new world ~seo! A strange thing, what is SEO, begin to search for information, it.

facts have proved that most cloud storage service providers can not do this, the network letter office, the Ministry of public security, copyright bureau… Many departments supervise each other, giving SkyDrive operators great pressure.

is the first hardware manufacturer, and the representative is iCloud.

Abstract: personal cloud storage services have shut down, the industry is not down, and where the user needs more and more intense, the chances of personal cloud storage platform to live more, play will be different.

why are these personal Cloud Storage Services announced shut down,

, however, the personal cloud storage market is not going to hang up. June 30th will become a watershed, after the shuffle, are left to have a certain strength of the players.


in the passive and active supervision cost pressures, personal cloud storage was forced to shut down, a sigh. Personal cloud storage market is a sunrise industry, everyone has more and more equipment, more and more data, coupled with high-speed network environment, cloud storage applications technology and market conditions already have.

hardware vendors in the mobile phone, television, routers, smart cameras, built-in cloud storage service will become more and more powerful for users to come!

June 30, 2016 is a memorable day for the personal cloud storage market. Network cloud storage Sina micro disk, Kingsoft disk, SkyDrive UC, HUAWEI SkyDrive, once very famous, have announced the closing services, and will set in June 30th for the user data transfer deadline, hundreds of millions of users began to search for a new storage service.

, on the one hand, because of growing regulatory pressure. Personal cloud storage is a good starting point, but it has become a hotbed of illegal content such as piracy, pornography and terror because of sharing. For large amounts of content, cloud storage providers must invest huge regulatory resources to prevent and clean up illegal content.

in early March, I’m ready to enter the guest, because no when the owners of the experience, so many things are slowly, which also eat a lot of money. After the basic mode of operation of the understanding of Tao, I learned to do a site must have a space see now the space and space are different, a domain name, a program and a database, well, I was looking for the sh419 space, finally got confused in sh419 promotion site to find a name, but also forget, anyway, where space is said to sell cheap, I bought a 150m size of the South Korean space, a domain name, a database the database has no use, money, spent a total of more than 200. And these are, South Korea’s space is not for the record, then I will find a guest program, what procedures, I do not know, Dede ah, dark Empire ah, can be found in almost all found on sh419, which has Some are charging procedures, something free program, at first I was using a free program, but later found that this program is not good, that Taobao bought a taodisoft Version without this program, database to this program is still good, also spent 20 yuan. Now the space domain name procedure has, waited for the website on-line.

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