The economic crisis hit to the webmaster for development in the crisisPoly still won $30 million inv

as the exclusive financial advisor in this financing, Zero2IPO capital managing director Wang Lipeng said: "the Internet created a poly still a new sales model – Flash purchase, site positioning precision. And in the enterprise to achieve sophisticated management, the implementation of precision marketing, operational cost control is better, is one of the representatives of low-key electricity supplier. I believe that with the cooperation, and senior investors team unique brand advantage and proficient in the operation of the Internet, poly still will become the industry leader. As one of the local Chinese investment banking team established the first branch of the capital, very honored to participate in the poly still serve as the exclusive financial advisor to this round of financing."

, IDG and Qing Dynasties is poly still in April 19, 2011, poly still won by tens of millions of dollars in the first round of financing, and this behavior is undoubtedly to recover investment over a year poly still sure.

said CEO cattle Liben poly still in an interview, the flash sales model itself has many competitive advantages, at the same time, the market potential is enormous, poly still has a large advantage in the supply chain, and strict control of operating costs and marketing costs, the enterprise past the healthy development of capital gain approval. This financing, poly still not only to get a huge amount of money, and investment institutions experience and global perspective will benefit to enterprise development. Next, poly still will to the warehouse logistics system, customer service service process and user experience Optimization and upgrade.

second, we can also take the initiative to sell advertising. Fierce stationmaster must understand website construction namely, also want to understand website operation, also want to understand, use oneself website to gain economic gain. We do website, believe a lot of people are to want to make money through the website, if your website is done again good, do not earn money also does not have what meaning. In fact, there are many personal websites do better than an enterprise website, you can, he is unable to create profits, because many webmasters only understand technology, do not understand the market. I do a website is a computer training site, I understand that now the computer training related key words is very hot, for example: "Beida Jade Bird" this word in the sh419 auction ranked first price is more than 50. So, I find a prize.the training institutions – Guangzhou prize.the city two house training center, to his website to be a banner, 600 yuan a month. In this way, I have increased the income of the website, and the Beida Jade Bird training institution also thinks the money is worth the money.

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now the global economic crisis, many companies layoffs, unemployment rising. And now there are more and more college graduates who do not have jobs. The pressure on the whole society is increasing, and it is becoming more and more difficult to find a job. Many students can’t find suitable jobs, and they are busy at home and feed on their parents. This kind of people is often called "neet"". While some people joined the Wangzhuan industry, Chinese webmaster team with the impact of the economic crisis, the growth in the acceleration of the state. Most of the webmaster’s income comes from online advertising, such as GG advertising, Ali’s mother, etc.. But the impact of the economic crisis has led to business failures or retrenchment. Therefore, advertising costs are getting lower and lower, it is understood that GG advertising unit price dropped very seriously. In the face of such a big environment, how should the webmaster improve the income of the website?

It is reported that the first round of investment,

first, I think we can broaden our way of making profits. Don’t just rely on online advertising to make a profit. It’s difficult to make so much money. So we must find ways to broaden our profit margins. For example, my dream can use my website traffic and fixed customer base to sell goods. A friend around me has made a yoga website. Half of her income comes from buying yoga discs. Of course, you can also work with yoga training institutions to earn a certain percentage.

famous flash sales site announced in April this year, poly still has received $30 million B round of financing, the financing behavior of venture capital led by Yin Ruida, other investors include IDG capital, Zero2IPO, while South Korea’s SK capital is also carried out with the cast. Ching yuan capital is the exclusive financial adviser to the current round of financing.

poly still officially launched on July 2009, mainly to provide consumers with high-end brand discount sales service. Its limited buying mode has also been called "flash purchase" model in the industry. The main feature is limited time and limited quantity. 10 poly still will launch a new round of the sale of branded goods every day, for exclusive membership to buy, panic buying, while stock lasts. Each round of sale only lasted 5 days, 5 days later, this round of goods that is no longer available for sale. Poly still mainly engaged in brand clothing, bags, shoes, jewelry, Home Furnishing products, currently has more than 1500 brands reached a strategic cooperation agreement, all goods are authorized by the brands online sales.

economic crisis struck, I wish the owners can seek development in the crisis, a lot of profits. We also hope that with the exchange of Wangzhuan skills.

poly still published data show that the current poly still registered users in about 2 million to 400 thousand active users, re purchase rate in 60-70%. Up to now, the company has a total of 500 employees, the warehouse area of more than 20000 square meters.

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