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on the morning of May 18th, I received three e-mails from Tencent Inc from Wu Bofan, editor of the, detailing information about the changes in the organizational structure of the Tencent Inc. These messages were issued earlier than the official official information release of Tencent, one of which was written by Ma Huateng, founder of Tencent Inc.

mail has now been widely reported that China’s largest market capitalisation Internet Co has announced large-scale restructuring. In the new framework, the Tencent will classify all the business into the six major business groups, and replace the organizational structure of the enterprise department that has been using for 7 years. Tencent’s Bianzhen, has two purposes: first, then focus on the layout of social, games, media, wireless, electricity providers and search six business, strengthen the platform strategy; second, big and small, forming a closed loop through the efficient decision mechanism of business group, the business group in order to build a small company like "focus, fast and flexible" advantage, to the rapid expansion of the diagnosis and treatment of induced disease of large enterprises. At the same time, each business group shares the core users and the basic service platform, so as to make use of the resource advantages of the big companies.

network 99% people not to earn money, because 99.5% people contact Wangzhuan, are from the beginning to click on ads, take the rebate, voting, hook, PC balls and other projects. 99% of the people stay on these projects until they quit and exit. Only 0.5% of the people, and because of their own thinking, finally embarked on the track of wangzhuan.

, I used the summer vacation to work in the hotel. I worked at 8 in the morning and 11 in the evening. The salary was 600 yuan per month. After graduating from college, I found a job related to their own professional units, the monthly salary of 6000 yuan. Why is there such a big gap, because the waiter can do in China too many people, and now I can do the work of the people is not much, otherwise my university four years of legal white read — not to mention I was admitted to the province’s top 300 famous university.

no one knows where Ma Huateng is hiding in the Office


network and the reality of the truth is interlinked. If you see this article, you do not understand the truth, then the article you do not have to look back. If you are working on such a project, throw it away because they are more dangerous than garbage. Not making money is a small matter, wasting your precious youth is a big thing.

in the past 7 years, the company’s turnover doubled 24 times, from 1 billion 144 million yuan in 2004 increased to 28 billion 496 million yuan in 2011; strikingly stable high profits under the high growth rate, the Tencent in 2011 net profit rate is about 35.7%; if the seek to become the capital market value of Tencent from 2004, HK $IPO 6 billion 200 million to 2012 rose nearly $400 billion, increased 61 times, the biggest achievement China Internet Co, eventually long emperor penguin penguin. When the Tencent became the omnipotent emperor penguin, it suffered an unprecedented crisis.

The main information about

on the other hand, the company has been criticized and resisted because of its "first copy, later" competition. Two years ago a 3Q war experience I have talked about 3Q against a scene in Ma Huateng that the Qihoo 360 with the recommended browser pop "Ma Huateng for the Shenzhen affordable housing housing subsidies after the news, he is livid in the meeting, leaving the people, did not say a word into the office, for a long time No.

then, since this kind of project that does not make money, so there is no future, then as a webmaster Wangzhuan trendsetter, why they are invariably recommend these projects? I’m afraid this is not accidental.

these years, more influential Wangzhuan station, without exception, are in the promotion of free Wangzhuan project called: click, rebate, voting. So, after the novice enters this circle, basically also begin from these.

When I went to college in

on the one hand, such as Ma Huateng said: "when the team size becomes larger, it is easy to breed some big business problems.". How can we overcome the disease of large enterprises, to build a world-class Internet company? "Therefore, Ma Huateng specifically asked" connection ", the founding editor of" out of control "author Kevin · Kelly KK, how to understand the wisdom of out of control. Ma Huateng talks about his confusion about control and loss of control. He told the Tencent internal problems expressed great concern, such as the number of employees increased very fast, an increase of 60% last year, and now exceeded more than 20000 people, the culture dilution, including management actually will have a big problem".

simply sell their labor Wangzhuan past, not to earn money, now not to earn money, will never make any money.

click, commission, and vote, these projects have a common feature: they are selling their own labor to make money. There’s no difference between the street cleaner and the hotel dishwasher. There is no shortage of people in China. There are too many surplus labor on the internet. Everything is precious, and when the surplus labor force of the network is not sparse, but surplus, then the price of such projects can be imagined low. This is why the hard work of a month, but not even 200 dollars can not earn the root causes.

according to the principles of western economics, people are selfish, rational, and seek advantages and avoid disadvantages. Stationmaster recommends this kind of project, but only one reason: interest. One thing in common with such projects is the powerful offline system. Although ordinary friends earn almost no money, but the station’s downline Commission is very impressive. An offline contribution to a dollar, then if the station has 100 referrals, the day’s income is 100 yuan. If there is a webmaster, do not recommend these items, but to teach you how to do, how to do S>

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