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shlf1314 in July 2007, the global ban Adwords revenue earned by Adsense this mode, smart big customer Adsense account was blocked, Cao Jiahong changed hands to sell the company, because in the past few years the development of the financial statements is cattle, so the selling price of $352 million. And they are still very low key, so this guy is too cow. Cattle in the following areas:


open the smart Chinese station:, what you see is a super simple shopping engine website, even simple user login is not open; smart English station: smarter, what you see is only in recent years, some of the more complicated shopping search engine website, and is still the same style Chinese station open; smart Japanese station:, you see is still a very simple shopping search engine website, is still so simple, there are other versions of the language are so.

before it is sold, shopping search engines are just their form of expression. Do you make money or do you use Adwords to make Adsense’s income?. They operate fairly cattle, and they play directly with keyword spreads, for example. "On the mobile phone advertising, click may be a few dollars, but they bought from the Adwords flow is per click associated with the mobile phone only a few cents keywords, and then put these flow into their web shopping search engine results, there will be a certain percentage of the users will click on their Adsense advertising, the proportion of how high? In 2007 80%, this is absolutely shocking all stationmaster.

"is a painful process, for a novice, not only want to save time, but also hope to be able to prove himself in the network, make good", is indeed a difficult thing. During this time, many detours will be made and many nails will be touched. Perhaps many of our visiting friends will have this experience. My home page cost me three days, plus the blind application for home space, domain names and so on. It’s almost five days. I’ve spent all of my time eating and sleeping. Now think back, if you have a clear direction, it will save a lot of time and effort. In the light of this idea, I write out some of my own experience. I wish to help my friends.

the first step: to clear their site theme, the web page

2: home making recommended a relatively easy tool, such as Frontpage, Hotdog etc.. I recommend using Frontpage here. Its WYSIWYG way of making is more suitable for beginners. In production, you can take the HTML mode see the menu under the "HTML"……" Option combine with direct design, and pay attention to the function of the table. As for minor tricks, they can be applied after the main page has been shaped. However, for beginners, "flat light" is true".

During the

second steps: application homepage space and domain name, upload files.

1: home space applications easier, just fill out the real information, can be successful. The note read the terms of service, to avoid misoperation.

2: domain name is used to simplify your home address. The address provided by the home space provider is generally harder to remember, and the domain name is easier to access than others. There are also applications after the domain name, such as ZB169, 163 and so on. General domain names are also easier to apply for.

than most of the domestic shopping engine, he is so simple, so ordinary, even a lot of people in the industry, see may be unworthy of a care, but here I can tell you some data, you will immediately be shocked! This site is a mere $ten thousand from the United States, but most of the operations team in Chinese Shanghai, in 2006 to achieve 40 million dollars, in 2007 July, at a price of $352 million sold to the second largest network advertisers ValueClick.

Cao Jiahong this man playing search engine is cattle? Look at his resume to know: the beginning of 1997 to do the Internet in the United States in 1999, Overture served as vice president of product type and market, Overture is considered to be the "pay per click" and "PPC" and "contextual advertising" originator, launched by sh419 PPC the service is completely based on Overture business model. 2003, Over>

brand promotion with this recipe, making July minus 500-1000 yuan

, Adwords, SEO, Adsense, these three levels of optimization, they are world class.

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