She is a web cartoonist, red dream bitch 2 years to achieve 71 million 500 thousand valuation of Use

"I saved all these books from my pocket money."

1, do not make the home page falsh

real search engine recognition ability on the picture is very poor, home made of flash, not only conducive to search engine rankings, but also slow down the speed to enter the home page, to a certain extent for your customers as soon as possible to find you and set up a small obstacle.

2 do not take a picture with navigation,

3 do not use a lot of pictures composed of home page.

4 not to do the so-called universal web site, it is used to understand the network of people cheat.

5 do not believe that the network company’s commitment to your sales.

if you are the boss of the company or person in charge, you will hear a lot of business personnel, in order to allow you to make a promotion, it will give you some unrealistic promises, such as promotion in hand, do not worry about sales, today made the promotion, you will be able to bring hundreds of thousands of sales sometimes, we say to you, the customer a year after sales promotion in millions. Are these all credit for promotion? How big is this chance, 1% or 1/1000?

6 don’t be fooled by cheap junk information service.

very value white said, the search is not a search engine, because there is no traffic, many personal site traffic will be much bigger than him, the key technical problem has not been a good solution.

7 not to do after the first page advertisement.

in 1992, Chen Anni was born in Guangdong, Shantou, an ordinary family, she loved to write in textbooks since childhood, dream of becoming a cartoonist. But because the family was rather cramped, a family of four crammed into a cramped little house, so there was no money for her to study art.

Investor: how about your APP now,

CEO: three days.

CEO: actually, my micro-blog has 10 million fans. I thought I could put 9 million fans on it. Now it’s only 1 million in three days. I’m not satisfied with myself.

Investor: this data is OK. How long has it been on the line?


draws 8 million fans by drawing,


entrepreneurs are equal, and no one cares how young an entrepreneur is in a business environment. You just want to know if this product brings real value, not because the founder is only 20 years old and will tolerate a bad product.

, she has 10 million fans of micro-blog reds, and now she is at the helm of most Chinese young people’s APP, and is building the cradle of Chinese super IP in the next 10 years, and is likely to become the richest woman in the future Chinese.

, suppose you’re an investor, an entrepreneur, CEO, is looking for you to raise money. You and her have a conversation like this. How much do you think your mental shadow will be?

all this took only two short years. It was a miracle.


her name is Chen Anni, or you’ll be more familiar with her name, "great Anne."".



borrows $500 to buy digital board

CEO: now about 1000000 users.

and the creator of this miracle, is born of a 92 year girl a lot in Chaoshan, her label: 90 entrepreneurs, "the dream bitch" and 1% life…

that year with the amount of 9 million users as the goal of APP, called "look at comics", and now the amount of users has reached 71 million 500 thousand, the company has completed the C round of 250 million financing, valuation of more than 1 billion 500 million yuan

had to, but Chen Anni had to put all his energies into his studies, but his love for painting was consistent. Unable to get professional guidance, she had to save money to buy comic books and anime magazines, and to improve her painting skills by looking at other paintings.

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