The choice of life Shi Yuzhu or schurrle

days ago, I published on WEB3.0 and SNS, predicted that the next 30 years to the network, said the future who can advance layout in real life who can become the next Microsoft, then comes Comsenz UCH release, and in the dispute.

July 7th, Comsenz released manyou developer platform, immediately by a condemning, in July 8th, the campus network application formally to all users, it is said that a staggering amount of installation, GG search application, less than half the installation reached tens of thousands, and the instant advertisement profit of $8, but was immediately blocked the school network.

With the development of

the Internet, the more controversial, in 06 years the blog fires, Kang Sheng and other application development companies an occasion to launch the blog system program, popular, then push the video program, although not very popular, but also will not be too many questions, but the development of UCH, many small and medium-sized completely the stationmaster angered.

The development of

, which means change, regardless of whether this change is conducive to the development of the trend, but as long as there are who can not accept change, will be questioned, in the face of this sudden sound, Kang Sheng fear, and doubt, but we now observe the Internet, SNS seems to have become the inevitable choice of the webmaster.

we don’t talk about the mass promotion of SNS system has been the majority of owners welcome, but we can see that since SNS UCH launched the competition for a month, we no longer go to discuss SNS’s existence significance, because SNS is the webmaster to accept, we think, is the program operators should be how to go to the subsequent versions of the SNS development as well, constantly updated forum program.

Dai Zhikang once again had published an article, said to be the joint is the future development trend of network.

, but we can think, think, what kind of network do we need,

?When the

in our primary school, we think when the people’s Liberation Army, when scientists, how, as we now, rather naive, can only smile; a post appeared before the, the majority of users ask a student what campus Belle and punks, generally reflect the end thread is not good, in fact, their culture connotation of campus Belle and temperament in the age of students, rather than follow the bully lost dignity, future is limitless, but was lost when we eyes; a student of infinite vision, but to the students of 4 will sniff at.

I put all I said above is called memory thinking, note here a theory, future breakthrough thinking behavior theory, this is my own summary of myself, the profound connotation of theory after the day published an article that we only need to temporarily understand a truth, that we put on a a period of several years after thinking again now, always seemed so childish! Probably regret.

why must we regret, if we can seize the opportunity to let?

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