The success of my DJ56 network

Hello! DJ station had previously been complaining of corruption pole, but 360 – adventure.has I do not want to stand by the site to make money I just love, I work during the day to go home at night to do webmaster, DJ56 network has spent 2000 yuan cheated 600! Please do block templates also beautify the flowers in there are some I have forgotten how to spend a month in 650, the server did not count.

began to talk about how success! The first is we often say that the beginning of what I insist, do not understand that I update the content, this is the DJ website does not have content only song that I do not understand it directly in the others stations on the song name or what has not changed, then in the QQ group it recognizes Admin5 for now to see the inside of the articles are superficial for almost a day before I see hundreds of series in the middle school from a lot, see later in the "SEOer today you have the original article" I know the importance of the original since then I will constantly update site the name of the song are all carefully modified, Baidu is not quite the content included my traffic to come this way. Then I began to do the connection while the site PR is 1 a few people to do the connection for me, I used three QQ plus more than 30 Adsense QQ group, now do friendship connection more than 130: I want to emphasize in this connection do not need to do the same kind will improve your keywords ranking, I give you my word!

songs ranked fifth, Baidu index more than 20 thousand,

56 row third, Baidu index more than 30 thousand

DJ song ranked third, Baidu index more than 3 thousand

song index more than 3 thousand, ranked fifth,


MP3 song index ranked more than 1000 in fifth place,

non mainstream songs, Baidu index more than 5000, row 5

we are interested, you can also go to see traffic statistics, no password settings.

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