How to become a master of how to become a website novice

worked hard and finally got his own station ready. Welcome to visit

below to do standing personal opinions, for reference only (hope to give you want to learn to do web page friend navigation function)

1, understand what is a web page, what is a website, what is space, and what is a domain name (added by blue rock)

2, learn to use Frontpage or Three Musketeers (as long as you can use it!). This time you can understand what it is, recommend learning Frontpage, because it is very simple.


will be a little confused to learn HTML directly. If you have this kind of software boot, it will be much easier to learn. I started to buy is to teach the pupils to do "book, the use of Frontpage2000, although very simple, but from there I know some things HTML, and raised my interest in HTML, if you start to see HTML, I think I will lose interest, after all, a portal is to look at the code, certainly a headache.

3, learning HTML, which is essential for being a master, requires a lot of high-level stuff, and requires mastery.

HTML is actually very simple, all rote learning, the toilet is OK, you can take it back.

4, learning point image processing (such as Fireworks, will be the basic operation on it)

mainly do their own web pages, simple processing, simple pictures, such as the production of LOGO, add text in the picture, etc..

then there is a fork in the road, mainly to choose design or program

selection design:

5, should learn CSS, Javascript, to achieve proficiency,

many web page details need to be combined with CSS and Javascript to implement

6, continue to learn image processing and animation (Fireworks, Photoshop, Flash, 3D, MAX)

recommends learning Photoshop and FLASH, because professional designers need to learn professional software, but 3D MAX is mainly used for 3D mapping and is rarely used in

7, if your art is not good, may need to strengthen their sense of art, how to strengthen, I do not know, I do not understand the design.

                8; learning under the Javascript (requirements familiar), CSS well, will understand on the line, after all, there are artists to help you do interface


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