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believes that a lot of people on the Internet are doing video sites, and I’m one of them. Haha, here’s a summary of my experience.

now with the advent of the Internet in the video CMS, video website is rapidly rising (looks like this is not the latest news), but to do the collection of video website, it is best not to have illusions, because the website video capture now too much (unless you do the acquisition station is very distinctive, but the will to survive is still relatively slim) topic Cheyuan, listed below:

1) in the early days of the site, release some of the more distinctive video (to attract attention), and then share the site to you and a relatively similar site. (sharing is also a very important title), and at the same time, want to submit your web site to major search engines. In the early days of the website, you can’t get enough traffic through your friends only. More traffic or through search engines to obtain. So in the early stages of the site to optimize the site, and constantly improve the search engine for your weight, increase the amount of included.

2) after raising the amount of access, it is necessary to start the user’s "crooked head", how to make the people can survive. My advice is to add the latest video to the top of the video instead of placing it under the player. Some people go in and watch the video before they leave, and they don’t look at the content of the player below. Doing so can make the website in day IP changeless circumstance, day PV raise quite a bit, at least two times Oh,


3) in the last two steps to do, you must improve the rate of site updates, it is best to update every day. Sometimes a video released a few minutes earlier will be given little amount of traffic. And originally made his own comments in the video review. This will make people in the website more willing to play a few words.

above, if there is incorrect, welcome to point out. This article by the Fan Ye Valley animation network ( webmaster to reprint, please indicate contact: QQ 914870852

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