Garbage station owners to the left or right

garbage station or do industry station, Adsense left or right?. Face such a choice, there are few webmaster pain, because in the beginning, the webmaster is very conscious of their own to the side. In the process of doing the station, those grassroots, go alone almost all chose the garbage station. This is the status quo, the threshold to do garbage stations low, the most convenient conditions. In the era of rampant alliances, as long as the station will have money, but with more and more webmaster, the difficulty of making money is also increasing. Now many stations are mainly for advertising alliance, the league is their most important income, but the alliance is very unstable ah, do League master too passive, K number, buckle amount of potluck. It’s hard to make money without cheating. Cheating is too risky. Instead of spending time worrying about alliances, choose advertisers. Industry station is definitely the direction of future webmaster development.

I have a friend who is also an old webmaster (I was with him, his stand not to say fear of being hurt. This difficult! Want to know people know, so garbage station. ) before, including now has been doing traffic, do alliances, income can also be. A period of time before the discovery of high traffic flow and good words to do is increasingly difficult to find, and a cruel to do an industry station, said the search for the new world. Now that station traffic is about 800 or so, very stable, a month increase by 20 at most, these flows are brought by the search engine. In this way, a small station in the absence of advertising before the release of GG, an average of about 0.5 click once, the unit price is good, that is, too few times. Later, some people volunteered to advertise, an advertisement for 300 yuan a month, and now he has done four on the station, the specific price I do not know. Just such a station, his income can still ah, and not as before, when there is time to find the key son, to a vicious circle. Looking for a word – Editor – Optimization – dropped, and now basically finished this path, and now he suggested that I do a catering entertainment data station, I do not know when I can do it like him. A slogan is: "garbage station is the beginning, industry is to continue.".

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