They don’t stand, but they make tens of thousands of dollars each month

I think many owners have encountered close connection, SF released a friendship connection, a month to dozens of blocks, all of a sudden is hundreds of thousands of them, is not feeling very rich? But hard to do a large part of the station, but to watch his that no the flow in the station, Ali mother issued 2 dollars a week of advertising! This is the different people, the concept of decision action, action decided the way out.

has such a small number of people, they do not stand, do not post, nor collect, but they are very profitable.

one, SF release, this everyone knows, there must be capital, there are risks.

two, buy garbage flow, advertising to make money; to see 7clink and other traffic alliance, they will most of the traffic is bought by the same person, and get a lot of outside space, engage in temptation, do SP. They are hundreds of thousands of IP a day. How much do you say they earn?

three, temporary popular keyword SEO; we may often go to the Baidu list, you will find a lot of words a day is a one hundred million and twenty thousand search, the search results in the top, is often the BLOG point, in the past, is completely irrelevant, then full of ads, connected, chances are there flow trojan. They piled up a lot of page keywords, BLOG domain name is meaningless, estimation is automatically done, they can be predicted accurately to popular keywords, to any page, waiting to cheat money flow, so many BLOG, every day is one hundred thousand or even hundreds of thousands of IP, if you have 100 thousand IP you can earn? Think about “`

four, there is also a person, they have little income, but not much, they do not love themselves to study new things, also won’t write out to share new experiences, but they do not feel the love you, you do not feel comfortable at two. In fact, this kind of person is just a bad state of mind, one day, a good attitude, you will make money.

in addition, I have a IP3 million new station (already put ads on the Admin5 home page), looking for film station, picture station cooperation, plus my QQ:97563646.

above is purely personal feelings, only to share with friends who need, I hope you can be inspired, thank you all.

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