Tell me about my experience with the 5 month Forum

local forum, every day to endure the pressure of all aspects, I have been overwhelmed, although a year to become the local popularity of the first forum, but I still closed him personally. Advise you the laggards, no strong background, must not do the local forum, unless you don’t want to do well, I admit I was a loser, this forum is I spent a year of effort into it like my son. Turning it off is killing my son with my own hand. My heart is bleeding. The following is a local forum for the past year, the heart of Germany, dedicated to the background, have the strength to do local website friend

Has been very difficult to do

do rubbish station now, many webmaster rookie often ask a question: now what website promising at this time, this is usually the veteran Adsense replied: do a netizen useful, the content of the station!! be talking, it’s easy to say what is the Internet, useful, the content of the station now search for various industries, which station is not saturated state is still a rookie rookie


well, I said today is a local forum, promising local forum benefits I Needless to say, what kind of person do local forum? Now basically every one or two of the city has ten local community website, so if your city is the case you don’t have this trip, mixing, or to open your train, tempting you to SP it

if your place is a small county, or a county-level city and you have a certain strength and background (if you have a very strong background, do the local forum make absolutely dead you) you can consider doing a local forum, why should locate in the county range because it is the ambitious webmaster have the municipal market share robbed, the rest of the small town market, they attend, webmaster not these small town, the small town does not mean there is no market so rookie, this is your market.

small town, because the scope of small, low cost awareness publicity, speculation is also very fast. This is the advantage of the program, choose the best DZ, recommend 7! (many do dumpster webmaster despise, in 7 they may feel 7 style ugly, but I think their style can be changed, and and users come to your site, not to see your site is pretty!! I think 7 is very good, there are a lot of functions is very effective to focus on popular

will explain below)The

program to build a good, good forum many people then will make a mistake, is altogether to build dozens of pages, which is harmful to the new forum. Because the new forum posts less, less people forum, an average of about a version one or two, there are people who see will be disappointed but also multi section will the crowd dispersed, unfavorable exchange, the local forum is to create an atmosphere of communication that only the beginning of a set a few pages, content and popularity, add suggestion to four sections, one is the local information, generally called " XX >

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