The need for website optimization

recently, Cao shipped to a customer, he and I said, used to do Baidu promotion. But do not know why every website traffic is always so mean, and through the telephone counseling people talk about. He felt a little strange here and asked me what was the matter. Why is there such a strange phenomenon in Baidu’s promotion,


I told him a couple of possible reasons, but I wasn’t here, and he understood. I am here to write this article is to say that Baidu promotion is not a good thing, may be your site temporarily get a lot of traffic. However, this traffic is based on large amounts of MONEY. No what practical significance, if one day you don’t have the money to do Baidu promotion, you can from Baidu "disappear", of course here and not really from Baidu did not, but probably because your ranking is not enough, will not be able to find on your page, like that. Not much significance. For Baidu promotion, not every enterprise can do it, you know, on a word, the daily click fee is quite large. More than 14 pieces. This day have much money, you should be able to clearly believe that smart! But only for a search engine, it is Baidu, Google and YAHOO it, you can do here? Ranking is very important for an enterprise, but your client will see a station? No, it is important for enterprises, goods than three, especially for those not worked, or foreign enterprises, they must be compared to companies to know.

so, Baidu promotion is not necessarily the best way to promote the network, in the long run, Baidu promotion is more harm than good way of promotion. Probably because the promotion is over, the site disappears. However, we can not deny the benefits of Baidu promotion, that is, I have many customers have experience, to find Baidu’s people talk about, a quarrel. Second days, the natural ranking of the site immediately ran to the first 2 pages of Related words, this point can be much faster than the site optimization, ha ha. This is the old Cao can not compare, and other people’s technology is good, 1 days, ranking leap up, and will not be K. But it is not stable, don’t believe you try, you don’t do promotion, who cares your natural ranking,


if you still feel that website optimization is not well promoted by Baidu, I have nothing to say.

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