The four step, choose high-quality host, effectively improve the optimization effect

As the foundation and the foundation of the website operation,

plays a more and more important role in the website construction, production and optimization. From the user’s point of view, a fast loading, persistent, safe and stable operation of the site, can greatly enhance the user experience. Especially more and more impetuous now, more than five or six seconds can not load completed web site, basically was abandoned. So is the search engine, Google had already made it clear that the website loading speed into the site weight calculation and loading speed range, not only in the website weight assignment reflected in Google Adwords keyword advertising, will also be included in the quality calculation formula of loading speed. Google so, other search engines are the same, but did not explicitly say it.

if the host purchase and optimize the relationship between the site, many people may not understand, and even can not grasp the relationship between the two in the end. But good websites have one thing in common: the user experience is good, and the host’s choice is the same. As long as a little grasp of the basic knowledge of website construction and search engine optimization, more from the user’s point of view, the host selection is a very easy thing. For example, users expect the site to open faster, and hope that the site is stable, I hope the site will not be affected by other sites, and so on. Therefore, to effectively grasp the user’s expectations, the host selection is no longer difficult, we can explain from four aspects of analysis.

The first step of

: safety principles must hold steady and fast

even if does not carry on any website optimization movement, safe, stable, fast are still three main factors which influence the host to purchase. Security refers to the host of the web site can always run steadily, not by trojan virus and malicious attacks plagued. Although the major IDC service providers continue to strengthen the security protection of the server, but the situation is still very grim. For enterprise websites, the attack against a website is relatively small, but viruses, Trojans and black chain even appear unabated. Stable fast means that you can make sure that the site is running without interruption, or that even if a problem occurs, it can be resolved quickly.

if the user can not open or run slowly when visiting the website, it will bring bad feelings, then search engines have the same taboo. Better user experience based on the search engine itself will eliminate some unstable operation sites, some safety problems of the page will not be displayed directly (after Google take special measures are to be "dangerous" label). As mentioned above, the loading speed has been included in the search engine to consider the range of weight assignment, and stable operation of the host with high-quality rich content, more frequent can attract the spider to site weight ascension will play a great help.

second step: independent IP in the optimization role, can not be underestimated,

It seems an indisputable fact that

independent IP hosts can effectively boost web site weight, even though many people are interested in it

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