How to avoid the trap of upgrade

rich uncle began to engage in Chinese click in 2007 to make money in the industry, in this click circle is still a small reputation, why is it called Mao Fu? Because Chinese click Wangzhuan the score is relatively low, only 11 Fen of the gross profit, so called Mao fu. Of course, there are many good points in the process, like seven paikin is a typical representative, later a Bux way to make money, click on the Chinese station such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain out the same station, because the cost is particularly low, a station of a CN domain of a yuan of money and space cost tens of dollars on completion of the. The cost is low, the time is quick, and the death is quick.

The survival of the

Bux station is mainly to absorb member upgrades. This kind of station has five grades to six levels, which is the biggest temptation in the upgrade. First, as long as you get free random referrals after you upgrade, this is the most attractive way. Two is the daily dividend, such as upgrading five-star, a day can be divided into two to five yuan range. Three is high score click, and some stations reached a click 10 fen. As long as you upgrade, like a week you can return to this, the rest of the day is just.

as long as you upgrade, you will fall into the trap of chief aim is to make money, earn your money he could not give it to you. How did the stationmaster get rid of your money? One is to put a cheat link in the click station, and the score is very high, you randomly set off more, then your income will soon be negative, you can’t get the money from the offline commission. Two is a daily bonus into a weekly bonus or monthly dividend, let you in a dilemma; three is the money after the webmaster ignore, and four is hacker attack, data all have no, re registration. The five is to pay a small amount of membership, so that they are everywhere publicity, station continues to exist. The six is simply dead Wangzhuan have no way, you find certification.

How to avoid the trap of


1. to see the webmaster contact: General liar station contact way is QQ number, is the new number or no grade, simply don’t do,

2. looks at the site’s click score: scores above one point are basically untrustworthy. Stationmaster does not make money, what to pay member?!

3 to join some QQ group, in the group of information more well-informed, know what station can do, what can not do.

4, if you can’t make up your mind, just ignore his promotion and you’ll never fall for it.

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