How can websites profit from non advertising alliances

aftertaste month 5000 website alliance years

remember, in October 04, I had an overseas Chinese community. In fact, is a mobile network community forum, hung a good domain name, placed in a brother’s server space. When the forum was first established, every day, many articles related to the big websites were posted up, and then they went to the various websites to study and immigration. It seems that at that time, Internet users do not think that my connection is virus. Anyway, every ad post will bring a lot of traffic. Slowly to the beginning of the 05 year, this forum has accumulated more than 3000 post; at that time, opened an Immigration Forum to communicate (actually I don’t know much about immigration related things, fortunately met a friend to be better, users put out) the issue of immigration in the above, but we can through the website timely reply to him. In this way, after the interaction, the site registered users quickly reached more than 1200 people.

posts more than 300 websites a day, and many international students know about my website. And through this site in the local organizations Chinese line BBQ what?. At that time I did not expect to make money, entirely interested. Today saw the post, very many time, the mood is joyful; when sees nobody sends the post, naturally also uncomfortable.

later, one of my friends made a pet web. Not long after a few months, he told me I was making money. Later, I asked, he told me through the Sohu classified advertising alliance earned; remember, Sohu began to push bidding classification ads, not long, in fact, 04 years when I was doing, and then income can also. But that’s for the company, and now I can use it on my own website. That night I went to apply for the Sohu, TOM, Sina, etc., as long as there are all the League registered once, and made a lot of user names are forgotten.

followed by advertising, such ads are basically need to rely on a point before you can earn money. So put all of these ads in the most prominent position on the page. A few days later, through the background also found that those who do good data statistics inaccurate, the same Sina and Sohu advertising, Sina’s only 20 Fen per day, while Sohu can reach two yuan. Then some of these ads were removed and the ads were released. But no one seems to love? Not does not earn! No way, in the top forums called friends support website action is the point of advertising, but also every day they will come to little. But later I found out that I was sorry for those who paid for the ads, and I was shocked to take it off.

a month later, all the affiliate revenues were counted. Incredibly also have more than 800 pieces, ha ha, have already very good. At this time, they told me that there is also a money making alliance, which is the alliance of mobile phone messages. What MMS?. So go to the hula, apply for a pile, one by one, all choose the most beautiful pictures to put. Finished texting Union

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