Four key points in the process of successful operation of a website

who did the website operation can say the innumerable experiences, while in the previous site operations, most of them are starting with the UGC, but not really have a real profit in the end, this paper mainly discuss when to do operations, do what needs to help the students walk the website operation farther.

1. only fast not broken

for example, the first look at the Tencent sports channel operating mode, when the end of the game, as the operator to do is to discuss after the quote lists at the end of the game after half a minute, and then immediately put on the home page. On the home page, there will be a lot of traffic to discuss the post, and then further competition data, video and tidbits posted up, the whole process should not be more than 2 minutes. Since the end of the game, when the user is the most excited sports, they urgently need some content to continue their excitement, this is like drinking, drink a cup of a cup again, do the operation too, better ability to refill.

2. create an atmosphere, even a false atmosphere,

, is this a chicken or an egg problem?. Nothing – nobody’s here – no one creates content – no content, infinite loops. People (ie traffic) you can’t control, but the content can be created by itself. The ability to operate early is the key to the community’s ability to do so. In the early days, a large number of questions and answers were created by operators. In fact, tiger bashing, micro-blog and other communities are the same.

3. topics should be cut in place,

avoids duplication of content and abuse of hot content, creating content from a more bizarre and novel angle. I have done before the sports community, let me the most impressive content is not what the number one and which number one who is strong, but users in the curious "basketball for 45 minutes and 90 minutes of football is more physical consumption, subject innovation, content more, more new ideas. Such a post, football help vs basketball Gang is easy to fight, such a "dozen" out of the content, do not want a star vs, a star like that aesthetic fatigue, so interesting.

4, ecological effect

In addition to the above mentioned

some basic operations, a very important part of the ecological effect of the site is also in the process of operation, is how to get customers and how to retain customers, in fact this problem above has been discussed, but in customer retention issues, we have to conduct in-depth to investigate, if not to allow users to get some sympathy on our website or ask, just like a lot of users in the purpose of A5 is to get more information or the Internet industry to optimize learning more knowledge, so as to improve ourselves, this premise is where users can get the one you really need. That is we often say "dry cargo", and the website needs to do is to give users what they need from the dry cargo. And allow users to form a habit of access, over time, the site >

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