1500 yuan is withholding, on site earnings by Alliance shameless deduction


recently. I was a domestic union shameless deduction of more than 1500 yuan, although not much money, but it really makes people angry!!!

wrote it to keep us from being evil!!!

 : replay: (first,


chargeback is not the game pool alliance.. Don’t fall for it again…

, this is

from March 1st to 10


, this is 3. 11 to 3. 31 days of



below is from 1 to April April 9th..




the total amount is 1538 yuan.

I’m calling the game library’s custom ad. One thousand clicks 15 yuan.

4 10 noon. My routine is to count the earnings of the advertising unions. Suddenly, I found the game library union blocked my account..

because I’ve always been. Site traffic is very formal. There’s no cheating at all.. My cooperative alliance averages about 6 a day. As of today, except for the game library. There’s no league title yet. Freeze the funds.

the day of the incident. I contact customer service. Customer service, please find out why.. I gave them statistics, passwords and other information.

But the customer service provider

. I don’t know why.

no more. Just stick to a chat list.





, let’s see for ourselves.. That’s all nonsense, eight…

, the leader of the company finally promised to pay me half of the hush money. Give it to me on 20 next month. Don’t let me tell you about it.

pity. I’m a grass root webmaster. In order not to make the majority of webmaster friends cheated. I’d rather not have any money..

I’m going to prepare a few titles. Welcome to reprint them.

1. Fraud by game library alliance

is really a fall into the pit.

I talk about choosing an advertising League and how to avoid titles.

1, don’t choose monthly alliance. Like the alliance above. Is monthly, >

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