nternet veterans subvert the traditional baking industry, do O2O cake brand annual revenue of 80 mi

‘s baking market across Shanghai was 10 billion, while Wu Zifeng, an Internet invader, cut tens of millions of dollars in revenue in just six months. He said he was "bring doctrine", learning Jobs and Lei Jun, the explosion in the Internet, fans, economic, interactive, extreme products and other thinking into the traditional cake field, brought subversion.

Wu Zi a "pure Internet concept of cake brand" thinking mode of reconstruction of the Internet, in the traditional baking industry to create a new model, his "ultimate cake" now the monthly sales of 3 million, this year’s revenue is expected to reach as high as 80 million.


(Aries cake)

the following is a serial entrepreneur, founder of Wu Zi Feng oral ultimate cake (I horse finishing):

Internet veterans, started in SP

I studied computer science at Shanghai Univer and minor in business administration. After graduating in 2001, briefly went to Germany, but found that studying abroad was not for myself, so I returned home after three months.

after returning home, just learning the computer, it also coincided with the rise of the Internet industry, more interested in their own, then joined a Internet Co to do voice value-added services (SP). I start with technology, do Coding, and write gateways. I stayed for about half a year in that company.


, I went to the famous "Legend of wireless optical communication to do online business 3" the person in charge, I experienced the light from 30 employees to 300 employees for ten months, the average monthly income of the great leap forward, when light reached 20 million, the wireless business end is in charge of me.

I in the local media in Shanghai London did two years at the time of the mass media and the Internet are also well understood, my salary has reached 15000, my girlfriend’s mother to my girlfriend said: "you must have been cheated, which is more than 10000 of the salary".

I left there at the end of 2005, and I’ve been doing business ever since.

first pot of gold: done Internet cafe ads, did the earliest hand travel

2004 and 2005, in fact, is a lot of today’s well-known Internet Co start-up period, when the Internet industry in Shanghai also broke out entrepreneurial tide, I and a good friend out of the company.

my first company to do Internet advertising, because I had to be in the forefront of the previous games, the Internet bar is the online games market, they are on the Internet advertising demand, I have some advertisers resources. Plus my previous company "London" is the municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department, the early Internet cafes are to go through the Ministry of Culture issued a business license, some Internet cafes and London business contact, I will integrate resources previously.

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