Website operation, do a website that the user wants to look at

in the Internet environment becomes more and more popular and friendly when building a website is not difficult, but people are concerned about how to let users can accurately understand website wants to convey ideas, can obtain the required information on the website, the website should be the most important function in the vast sea, erect site the one and only features, to meet customer needs.

in addition, whether it’s from SEO (search engine optimization), or keyword advertising operations, a web site that users want to see is the key to the success of online marketing, the key to success. Being a web site that users want to look at can make SEO better. You can also get your site’s keyword ads to work.

website design and SEO

today, users find products, in addition to the known web site browsing, another way is to search engine queries. The sort and presentation of search engines is based largely on the preferences of users. The more you like the keywords you read, the more likely the search engine will rank it in the front and maintain a long period of time.

website architecture design well done, in order to allow users in search of the company’s products related keywords, search engines can show the company’s Web site, become the most customers want to see. Good website architecture design work, also equal to do a good job of search engine optimization (SEO) work.

many web design companies have the "SEO keyword marketing module" mechanism that can do web design for their clients. "SEO keyword marketing module": mainly for marketing skills offered by Internet marketing.

network ever investigated, the website is ranked first page, home page read rate 65%, second page read rate 25%, third page read rate 5%. If the site fell to fourth pages. It was established on behalf of the business website is the website of orphans.. (no one to browse it) so, "SEO" key marketing model is a very important thing, it can save a lot of money, also can let the site site do not become orphans.

website design and keyword advertising

for keyword advertising, making a web site that users want to see is the key to the success of online marketing, the key to success. To be a website that users want to look at, you can improve the quality index of your website and enhance the ranking of keyword advertisements.

conception and planning

he is a customer wants to see the site, in the design of website design before the action is very important. Just as architects have to design the appearance and internal structure of a house before they can begin construction.


server is a website containing relatively large, is not a simple one: upload to rent would be required to host on the completion of the elevated; as we manufacture a car, can not say the wheels and steel box plus engine end >

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