What kind of blog can a shark talk about

now personal blog site more and more, especially for the SEO industry, basically every webmaster has a blog, used to write some experience, turn a good article, can also lead to flow, add a little popularity, etc.. But the shark SEO has a search area is found, +SEO, found in the front row are mostly XX blog, this phenomenon can also use the CN domain name for example, then the personal blog and CN domain, both good and bad, good CN domain name can still sell thousands, almost too is usually the price of cabbage, they might be the same as Chinese cabbage rot, so, in this article, the shark SEO standing in the two aspects of customers and owners to talk about what kind of blog attract people.

in general, individuals believe that a popular blog should do at least as follows:

one. Page design. Some may feel very strange, how will the page design is the first factor, bloggers built Bo, mostly from the content, classification considerations, often ignore the visitors feel, imagine if a blog, even the blogger’s reputation is bigger, if you click to enter, the eye is very bad layout, very messy page, if I don’t see your navigation, not to ignore what you have good content, I will immediately click the upper right corner of the red, directly leave, because in my opinion, I need a good environment to read and learn, a a blogger, if the page out of the mess was seven or eight, then the people did not care about this blog, so naturally, also won’t have what good article, so it is still better off going directly.

two. Substantial content. Well, the basic page design can, at least not a feeling of chaos, for it, the next step is to look at your content, is not consistent with the user’s taste, enter your blog, if you can find to read, read your article can learn what things. Of these, only enrich the content, to seize the user’s heart, general practice is that if I visit the blog I think a good article, can learn good things, then I will direct a right key, create a shortcut, just to look at the recently Laopeng blog. That’s what I do.

three. Immediate updating. OK, have a comfortable environment and a good page, read the article, the step is to update the blog, generally are original, of course, that is purely for propaganda except blog will have to update the content, adhere to every two days or so an update content has been good, even three days can also be updated once, I said here is the long-term update, because some people read your article, really good, also create a shortcut to learn nothing on your blog, but learn to learn to find the contents of these, and about a week’s time, what also didn’t update the content, after two days, directly leave, so to seize the user, improve the rate of return, keep updating is also essential, preferably not more than three.

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