Tencent Product Manager clever use of WeChat H5 page authoring tool software, 100 thousand reading a

Tencent Product Manager: clever use of WeChat H5 page authoring tool software, 100 thousand reading quantity so easy,

– Tencent Product Manager DereK Le teaches you to do a micro reading of 100 thousand reading

the past two years, with the popularity of smart mobile phone, "H5" from the nervous cat surrounded by a simple H5 game, "Wu Yifan army" to the "Taobao" cool works creation festival. H5 has gained rapid development in the industry by virtue of cross platform, light manufacturing and easy expansion. In fact, H5 is the fifth generation of HTML language, but also refers to the use of H5 language produced all digital products. Often used in mobile phones on display, interactive, but also an essential tool for enterprise mobile marketing.

The amount of over one million

users of the WeChat H5 page production tools are three: all show, Yi Qixiu and rabbit show, 14 years after the line around August, after two years of development, the product after several iterations, can let the market operators in the enterprise, do not understand the code, not the design case, fastbuild H5 exquisite scene. A comparison of the three platforms, can the "Baidu me before the Tencent Product Manager H5 analysis report: echinfo show, everyone show, rabbit Exhibition" simply show, everyone is more suitable for business users, the most abundant interactive communication function, but not as easy enterprises show, rabbit PR famous exhibition financing.

in the enterprise marketing node, how to make use of these WeChat H5 page making tool software, in a day, make 100 thousand reading amount of work,


first of all, to understand the most important source of H5 traffic, not hard wide, not channels, not large, not red, but you and I like ordinary people forwarding. Because people communicate with each other more and more quickly and simply. Forwarding is the first communication force, forwarding is the first communication force, forwarding is the first communication force, the important thing to say three times.


revised 7

and the user actively forwarding friends circle, from the human nature analysis, because of these 5 reasons,

1 talk, forwarding works, can chat with friends. For example, apple out of 7, Po strong divorce

2 expresses and forwards the work, helps me to express the idea. For example, say go on the trip, flee North Canton

3 helps to forward the work and provides help for others. For example, help set praise, vote win gifts, this article tells operators how to do

4 images, forwarded works, show off my image, pursue. For example, the game beat 95% of the people, become an event guest, spokesperson

5 benefits, forwarded works, you can get some kind of reward. For example: forwarding sweepstakes, forwarded to send WeChat red packets,

what should an enterprise marketer do,


1) finish within 1 days

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