Real estate how to do a lot of black O2O stable annual turnover of over 100 billion

July 2014, the real estate business, a lot of room announced the completion of the B round of financing, by casaarte fund, Lightspeed An Zhen Chinese venture capital, CDH venture joint investment of $80 million. The overall valuation is billions. 2014 platform trading volume is expected to reach 200 billion. At this point, only three years from the establishment of the company. As co founder and CTO of the company, Li Jiancheng witnessed and participated in all the development of the company. South seven interview with Li Jiancheng, secret room many high-speed growth, behind unknown story, house many, how to change this with people’s lives close, but conservative, barrier deep a O2O field.

complementary team is the cornerstone of entrepreneurial success

room Duo is I and Duan Yi (CEO), Ceng Xi (COO) three people together to create. Duan Yi and I was EMBA alumni of CEIBS. Two people love sports. When they joined the Gobi challenge, they exchanged a lot in the same group, so they became familiar with it. (Note: Xuanzang Road International Business School Gobi challenge, including by CEIBS, many domestic and foreign business school jointly organized. Choose adventure game road Xuanzang road. So far, Li Jiancheng’s signature is still "Central Europe, Ge four"". The fourth challenge, referred to as "Ge four", "COO", "hee hee", "Ge nine". The competition was seared in his life.


before the start of business, I have been in the Tencent for many years (Note: as Tencent Shenzhen R & D center general manager post), Duan Yi and Zeng City operating a real estate service company, the development is still good. Later, we have retained frequent communication. Everyone wants to do something. Duan Yi and Zeng Xi, the company has done very well, but has been pondering how to sell the house better, and I was clearly aware of the shortcomings and limitations of the traditional internet. The development of the Internet to this stage, BAT pattern has been identified, pure Internet projects to be bigger and harder. Only to go deeper into the service of traditional industries can we go further. And real estate is China’s largest traditional industry.

on the one hand is the real estate industry more than 10 years of resources and trader experience, on the other hand is the accumulation and practice of Internet technology. At the same time, due to the common educational background of China and Europe, it has laid the foundation for our communication, language, thinking patterns, decision-making mechanism and so on. So we started the business together. How to use the Internet to sell more cool, around this idea, in 2011, the housing platform was born many.

how do you find the pain point in the industry?

in the country, property sales are generally divided into two types, new homes and second-hand housing, new homes by the sales office sales, second-hand housing by the community of second-hand housing brokers sales. Both transactions, links, trading time is very long. But according to the experiences of Hongkong and Taiwan, almost all houses were sold by brokers who used the second-hand house transactions near the community. Real estate for a long time is one of the most profitable industries in the country, but because of the industry is too closed, consumer information is incomplete

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