Quilt website garbage content generation and response plan

Hello, meet again. I believe you saw the beginning of my writing about the keywords ranking floating and coping methods, that article gains something. These are a lot of experience summed up my operation, so I brought it to share with you. If you feel that some of my views are not correct, you can leave a message below and I will accept it. I hope everyone will comment on my article and thank you for your support. Nonsense, do not say much, here today to introduce the garbage content and solutions.

I believe you must have heard of advertising? Now many well-known training institutions will introduce the current Wangzhuan most money, and the operation of the project, you think what he said is not excited, think of his plan is very correct, can the interests of some cheating means to earn advertising fees? Hey, I once encountered such organization, I also just contact Wangzhuan the industry. Think his analysis is very reasonable, make a website yourself, and then register the advertising alliance, using virtual clicks to cheat advertising fees. He is also very smart, and do not say you earn thousands of days, tens of thousands. He only tells you that you can bring in tens of dollars or hundreds of dollars a day, and then join them in training when you earn money. They do make money in this way, and when you earn money, you’ll think he’s doing well, and then choose to take part in his training. They also said that there are special SEO training, teach you how to optimize your website, bring traffic to help you make money. At that time I think he is very good, almost went into their training institutions, but at that time because the site to spend money to register domain names and purchase space, so at that time did not go to operate their project. Now I understand the SEO industry, and finally understand that their approach is a flicker of people, ha ha, so I advise you. If you encounter similar training institutions, must not be money they tell you become dizzy with success, money is short, just to cheat your training fee. Just imagine, if the project can earn tens of thousands of thousands, why don’t they do a few of these stations, what come up with this plan out to share with you, the premise is you need to pay a few hundred, can share the experience for you. Ha ha, just imagine, earn thousands of months, tens of thousands of you will care about these hundreds of pieces,


you think I said as the subject, actually not, I want to say is, many websites it is a new station, but there are a lot of advertising, I believe that everyone can see the contents of a large part of garbage is produced. We all know that the weight is what to pass it, yes, the weight is passed through the link. Since the link can transfer the weight, then I ask you, a new station, now in a state of increasing weight, you put your weight all transferred to those spam station, you can weight up? Your ranking will be good? Your traffic will be more? Content rich website not famous, you can rely on short-term this way a little traffic, earn a little advertising, but your site.

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