Xiamen made products exported to Latin America, a large proportion of the country

the arrival of economic globalization has brought a series of challenges, but also ushered in a lot of new opportunities, such as domestic good products can be exported! According to the Xiamen inspection and Quarantine Bureau, so far this year, the Bureau of inspection and quarantine exports to South America (Brazil, Chile, Argentina) 1360 batches of products, $46 million 10 thousand, an increase of 8.54% and. Among them, Xiamen canned accounted for half of the country, including canned mushrooms, canned aquatic products, canned corn, etc..

at present, China has become the largest trading partner of Latin American countries. According to statistics, in 2015, bilateral trade between China and Latin America amounted to $236 billion 500 million, accounting for about 6% of China’s total foreign trade. The first three quarters of 2016 was $161 billion 500 million, down by 10.5%.

the quality of food production in China is constantly improving, but still need strict checks, while continuing to create more competitive brands, and further to the international market. In order to make the "made in Xiamen" products export in Latin American countries, Xiamen inspection and Quarantine Bureau to guide enterprises to enhance the level of product quality and safety, and actively explore the new mode of trade test area inspection and quarantine, improve inspection efficiency. See the food industry is so hot market, whether or not you have entrepreneurial impulse, entrepreneurial projects as in the whole network!

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