Ministry of education reiterated the 26 college enrollment ban

despite the 2016 college entrance examination has ended, however, on subsequent a series of volunteer work there are a lot of, in order to make the university enrollment more planning, to standardize the college entrance examination (course) admission to all aspects of the work, to ensure that the college admissions sunshine, fair and honest, the Ministry of education in the college entrance examination this year before admission again "26 prohibitions, designated red, serious discipline.

The administrative departments of education

provincial university admissions committee, shall not be issued containing illegal spot strokes admission conflict admissions and national admissions policies; not beyond the terms of the development of admissions or take care of preferential policies; and may not expand college enrollment or adjust the high school enrollment plan will be allowed to adjust; independent recruitment, high level sports team high level art troupe and other special types of admissions pilot college enrollment plan and the provisions of the scope, the scope of the project; Planning Commission shall not transfer any military college enrollment.

provincial, provincial education examination admissions Toudang: shall not violate the procedures or put candidates file to the relevant universities to lower standards in addition to the policy; fails publicity shall not require the independent recruitment and other special types of candidates file to run universities or apply for college admission procedures; without changing the type of college enrollment plan is not allowed to plan; college or university enrollment plan without breaking admission formalities; no violation of candidates have been admitted to the school admissions and professional changes; in addition to the special needs of the country shall not be in enrollment after the end of the illegal organization of special types of admissions makeup.

college admissions: shall not be released without false enrollment by the competent departments for the record or not plan enrollment rules; or without breaking the scale of enrollment plan or violate the requirements management plan adjustment plan; without specified proportion of male and female students enrolled; without expanding independent recruitment, high level sports team, a high level of special art troupe the provisions of the project scope, type of enrollment plan enrollment; enrollment procedures shall not violate the provisions of the candidates admitted to lower the standard, to meet the conditions for admission candidates.

may not change the candidates selected by the publicity professional, preferential admission scores or admission of candidates do not have the condition in a special type of enrollment; shall not be issued admission notice and registration of candidates admitted to change aspects of professional; not in the newborn after admission arts, sports students adjust to the general category of professional or non foreign language the students adjust to the recommended walks foreign language middle school admission (course) specialty.


shall be admitted before the end of the work in various ways to the candidates admitted violations committed or pre admission agreement signed "new high scholarship" "after the school re select professional" etc. vicious snatch students; not to school, students and parents to receive gifts, gifts, securities or any fees and admissions hook; can not avoid the provincial admissions through intermediaries or teachers to organize students admitted candidates; not in a separate examination, comprehensive evaluation of high office.

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