How to choose food brands

in your area at the grocery store how many? Is not the number can not count. Food and beverage market is the case, the multi item competition, but there is no competition is impossible, only the competition is the prerequisite for your upward development. Join the venture to choose the project, choose the dish. Choose the product after the election of the brand, how to choose? First of all, look at these three points.

1, brand strength: at present, most of the food brands are based on individual business model, there is no perfect organization and team structure. If you choose such a dish to join the brand, which is very dangerous for entrepreneurs to invest;

2, food safety: take food to feed the distribution involved in the end, many brands are still using artificial frying traditional workshops, which is not consistent with the national food safety production license, if they are to investigate complaints of entrepreneurs will be a devastating blow;


3 support: catering industry is constantly changing, if the product does not stick to conventions, innovate new words, then sooner or later will be eliminated by the peer and the market, so a brand to take food R & D capability and follow-up support is particularly important.

how to choose food brands

currently through the market research, coupled with the meal industry authority certification, is now recommended to the majority of entrepreneurs three well-known food chain franchise brand:

1, la la la Cuisine: take the food sector fighter

, La is "Chinese take food seasoning five strong enterprises" "Sichuan Guiyi food group" brand, the company has to take food industry independent bottom material, condiment production factory, and is the only one with raw material planting base, with QS certification, ISO9001 international quality management system and IS022000 food safety management system certified enterprises. You take food is La headquarters is located in the world’s largest single building "Chengdu new century global center Museum, and many of the world’s food and beverage giant to compete, which makes it difficult to shake the leading position in the world to take food.

2, heroes take food: take the food to join the preferred brand

hero take food is a group of companies involved in food chain brand, Hot pot food, Western-style food, coffee and pastries and other dining areas, the group has its own restaurant chain training school, food ingredients, processing factory built. The company is also the president of the China food and Beverage Association, which can be described in the Chinese food and beverage industry is familiar with, is currently taking the food chain to join the overall strength and cost-effective brand.

3, food chain potential shares

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