Jiangsu set up 150 million yuan in youth entrepreneurship fund

for more entrepreneurs who want to start their own business, the most critical problem is the funding problem. In order to solve the problem of self financing entrepreneurs, the local governments have different degrees of support fund. In order to strengthen innovation and entrepreneurship training, Jiangsu students also set up a special venture capital projects.

according to the promotion of energy environmental protection Specialized Committee annual meeting was informed from the Jiangsu Province young entrepreneurial talent, in order to strengthen the cultivation of innovative entrepreneurial talent in youth, promote the development of emerging industries, Jiangsu Province set up the innovative talent fund size of 150 million yuan for the first time.

it is understood that the Jiangsu Province Youth Venture Fund is by Jiangsu hi tech investment group and Jiangsu Province young talents entrepreneurship promotion representative initiated the establishment of key investment for thousands of plans, double plan, provincial science and technology innovation team, entrepreneurs and other leading talent project.

Jiangsu provincial science and technology achievement transformation risk compensation special fund set up at the same time, the transformation project approved in small and medium sized enterprises, by banks and other financial institutions in Jiangsu to provide 1 million -500 million yuan of loans, loan interest rate does not exceed the benchmark interest rate, special funds risk compensation liability.

entrepreneurship need to start the fund, the establishment of innovation and entrepreneurship fund in Jiangsu province to strengthen the training of young entrepreneurs, the contribution to the economic development of Jiangsu has injected new impetus to promote the development of new industries.

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