How to run a savory noodle noodles

in terms of nutrition, every day is best to choose 12 different kinds of food brands as their daily food needs, of course, can also become the main staple food, people with Steamed Rice as a staple of population more, of course, another staple food choice is pasta. It is one of the essential items in life.

small noodle industry. Eat noodles is Chinese custom for thousands of years to develop eating habits to make pasta culture ingrained in people’s minds, some people even to the " three would eclipse no meat, do not eat without the meal " point of pasta preference is a long history of business as the acme of perfection; noodle shop, with its delicious cheap, affordable, and consistent with the public taste and distinctive characteristics attracted numerous diners patronage and operators of love, won plaudits around the world, where there are Chinese people there, everyone is obvious to people. At present, we are accustomed to eating noodles about 800 million of the people, is the world’s largest producer of instant noodles, but also the largest consumer market in the country.

runs a savory noodle noodles?

noodle investment scale can be large and small, low risk, high profit, fast return, to adapt to a wide range of people, as long as perseverance, can be expected to succeed. Eternal industry, the classic project. China has a huge market of 1 billion 300 million people, with the improvement of people’s living standards and the promotion of consumer attitudes, noodle industry will have an immeasurable development prospects.

Xiangxiang Lumian distinctive features, combined with the Chongqing small noodles and two delicious Chongqing Chongqing Lucai marks, the formation of new classic fashion products, perfect presentation of the taste of Chongqing. At the same time, the production or consumption, can according to the customer’s individual requirements, or spicy or delicious or juicy or dry mix or food, regardless of whether everyone off, off the four corners of the world, you can find favorite products. Xiangxiang Lumian series products, taste rich but not complicated, simple operation, unified production, food reserve and cross combination to form a variety of products, it is simple but not simple.

Xiangxiang Lumian products, Xiangxiang company successfully developed products by hundreds of times repeatedly tried, has complete autonomy, equivalent to the country is facing the huge market is almost blank, it can be said that almost no homogeneous competition, the market environment is very good


Xiangxiang Lumian in addition to its "color, smell and taste, shape, body are distinctive, nutritional balance, to ensure that all products do not contain any preservatives, artificial colors and other prohibited additives. Standardized production model, more reliable, more scientific, to ensure the high quality and stability of the product. First class product quality, so that franchisees sell easily, consumers eat

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